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Meet Earle Wong - Tuner, Recording Artist, Educator, Panist and Engineer

Earle Wong

Global - “If I do have a blueprint, it is embedded in my head. The younger tuners today have a more systematic approach with actual measurements. Older tuners still eyeball a lot of the steps. In today’s world, we have a lot of specialization where we have people specializing in the building which encompasses sinking, grooving and preparation. Then there are people who prepare and break in (first tune) and then there are the tuners who finish the process. To be an accomplished tuner, one must go through all the steps to arrive at the ultimate.” –– Earle Wong

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Nice interview. I was just wondering about the term "steelpan builder"...I have never heard the term in Trinidad. What is a steelpan builder excatly?


My apology  i myself never heard of a Steelpan Builder,,i do know of Steelpan Tuner/Arranger/Leader,as a matter of fact i made a 9 man Steelband  here in Suriname at age 61,4 years ago upon my remigration back to Suriname  in the year 2016 , after over 30 years of absence in Steelpan making ,,,,,the old fashion way,,5 kg sledge hammer,,2 1/2 kg sledge hammer and a ball hammer ,,free of charge ,  me and me alone ,,,,giving back to the community,,But Covid 19 has intruded into our lives .One Love 

Good goin, bro.

Keep safe and stat strong!


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