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Trinidad & Tobago. W.I. - “Women still cannot get the same RESPECT as their male peers...

“....So when I create and want to fall in love with the music and industry again…. I just go to the younger players. I create with them in mind. You don’t have to tell them a word. Just go and observe them work.” She is a self-described free spirit, an intellectual - gifted, accomplished and a straight-talker...

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - panist, musician, composer broadcaster and performing artist Gerelle Forbes shares her thoughts, experiences and views on Pan, and the steelpan art form.

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I know  you love  stories and this one( http://www.pan-jumbie.com/tishof/panman.pdf) gives you a wonderful exposure of  the society that spawned yet spurned pan. Couple spelling errors and a mix up  with who is Lennox and who is Roy but Khalick J. Hewitt is an excellent raconteur.

What an awesome young lady, it time for young people like yourself to assume leadership roles in the steelband fraternity to move everything to the next level.

Didn’t get it in 2016. Thanks for replay. She is ah BOSS. Tell it like it is....truth. End of Story.

A FORCE to reckon with, her own BRAND...


Welcome to the Channel of a young and proud Trinbagonian. Gerelle is a Radio/ Television Presenter and Entertainer. Trinbago Culture is nothing less than magical. Journey through this channel and you will see for yourself.

Claude - Heather MacIntosh #calypso2020


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