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Jelani Cielto

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Jelani Cielto a special talent? Absolutely.  He also has that type of gift that makes a very select few see partial differential equations as child’s play. Blessed with the innate ability of a photographic memory, he has used his gift to play in multiple steel orchestras during the annual national Panorama season. This has become a point of focus. In a When Steel Talks exclusive - performing artist and panist extraordinaire Jelani Cielto - an individual of few words - gets his points of view across very succinctly, while leaving no doubt about the depth of his passion for the instrument, in this interview.
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Congrats Jelani Cielto

Very interesting interview.

This is what I love about WST. You gave us  a great veteran like Dalton Narine in morning and a great young talent like Jelani in the afternoon.  


... and a GREAT RESPONDER like MR. BUGS after that!!!

You trying to make me blush Claude or you mamaguying me? LOL

None of the other groups seem to talk to the youth or women. Yet more than half of the pan world is youth and women.


NOT MAMAGUYING!!! Most people might have subconsciously observed the juxtaposition -- but you consciously recognized it and brought it to light. The interview with JELANI ran deep with me and I wanted to compliment THE INTERVIEWER -- given the psychological challenge of the interview ... but I left it alone!!!

I think that JELANI needs a MENTOR and a GOOD AGENT and he could TOUCH THE SKY!!!

Forward Ever, Backward Never, moving pan to higher heights!!!


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