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Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Woman symbolTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “My vision for the instrument is to be able to capture the hearts of those who don’t understand and appreciate what pan is, what it’s about, and what it can do for us as a nation.”

From the tender age of seven Kerri-Ann Hyndman-Borris’ journey with the steelpan instrument began. It followed her from primary school through university. And as the song “To Sir With Love” says, it has been her constant companion and comforter as she moved “from crayons to perfume.” In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks shares her love and unabashed passion for the steelpan instrument, its music, the art form and more. 

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For years now I keep reading all these PAN PROFILES on WHEN STEEL TALKS and I am yet to hear one of these people produce a DECENT PIECE OF PAN MUSIC.

Ah really doh understand how people could spend so much time practicing and performing on an instrument and NOT HEAR NOTHING coming back from the instrument or atmosphere. It is really beyond my comprehension.

So I am still left holding the bag and asking: WHERE IS THE MUSIC?


The music is "in front you big bold eyes" as the old people would say. 

When Ed Sheerdin can do this call meh... 

When the University of Moscow can play and arrange like this, call meh.

Can you imagine what this would have sounded like if Basement Recordings had captured this?


Congratulations Kerri-Ann.  Keep on keeping on.


Ah have ah PAN PRACTICE EXERCISE -- which if STRICTLY adhered to for 18 months at 1 HOUR A DAY -- the students will MAGICALLY start composing WORLD CLASS COMPOSITIONS and taking RECORDED PAN MUSIC to places it has never reached before. In other words -- THE PAN JUMBIE will start TALKING TO THEM!!!

(And if the STUDENT get THE ZEPPO and start putting in two and three hours -- IS MAS!!!)

Imagine if 5 of the hundreds of the HONORED PLAYERS on WHEN STEEL TALKS take up this challenge.

TWO AH DEM sure to go WORLD CLASS!!!

And I eh even know NUTTEN about MUSIC or too big on the PAN TING ... so that is HOW BAD the TING IS!!!



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