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Meet Wayne Bernard - Manager, Administrator, Panist - Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra

“I do not believe there is a challenge that would be difficult for this generation because it is some of the same people who have grown up in steelpan during the same tough and challenging times. With that being said, this generation has a creative and open-minded way to make anything possible, and I believe we are in good hands moving forward.” –– Wayne Bernard

The accepted norm is that “Nice guys finish last.” But not always. There is a chance that might change in this specific instance. When Steel Talks has keenly watched the growth and development of Wayne Bernard from youngster to adult. He is humble, selfless, thoughtful, compassionate, highly intelligent and committed to the forward progress of the steelband artform and culture.

In a When Steel Talks exclusive - manager, performing artist, administrator, and panist Wayne Bernard - shares his steelband experiences and vision for Pan.

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........Lovely interview my dear Pan Nephew...best wishes ....stay safe !!!


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