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Revisited -- Eduardo “Lalo” Tellez speaks on Xalapa Steel Band of Mexico

Pan comes to Mexico in big way

Global - Eduardo “Lalo” Tellez is a music Bachelor and a Percussion Professor in the Superior Institute of Music in Veracruz, Mexico.  He first encountered the steelpan instrument four years ago in 2009, and began to educate himself in the art of playing the instrument.  In January 2012 Téllez founded a small steel orchestra - the first one in Mexico.  The orchestra is called “Xalapa Steel Band,” so named because it is the city where Téllez and the other musicians live in Mexico.

Xalapa Steel Band is growing quickly, and will be attending the 2014 National Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago, to play with Valley Harps Steel Orchestra.  Presently, their repertoire includes music works from Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Edwin Pouchet and Ray Holman, along with traditional music from Caribbean countries, as well as Eduardo Téllez’s own compositions. Most of Xalapa’s steelpan musicians are percussion students in the University of Veracruz.

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Very interesting as the Pan keeps on spreading


Pan is not in Danger, it is here to stay

Yes, Bede, no Pan in Danger, Pan Here to Stay, but Pan en ha'money !

NIce work.

Congratulations!  It is good to hear of such development in Xalapa.  I can remember when the Pantempters Steel Orchestra from Belize participated in the AfroCaribena Festival in Veracruz in 1997, the people were very receptive of the steel pan instrument.  One of our performance was in Xalapa. 

We are neighbours, so let's keep the momentum going.



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