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Show ’em you’re world governing body for pan

Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas has challenged the executive of Pan Trinbago to prove to the world that their organisation is “The World Governing Body for Pan”.

The challenge came on Wednesday evening at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) at the launch of the logo for the International Conference and Panorama 2015. Pan Trinbago proposes to hold the first International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in 2015, from August 6 to 9. University of the West Indies, St Augustine (UWI) pro vice chancellor and principal Prof Clement Sankat is the Patron of the ICP. The conference will deal with topics such as The History and Development of Pan, The Science of the Instrument and the Applications used, Recent Developments of the Instrument.


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I hear yuh. A better day will only come when pan people in the Mecca realize what it is they have.


Are you aware that the meeting carded to present the 2013 financial statement had to be called off (some 2-3 hours  hours later),because there wasn't a quorum..... ( that word "motivation" comes up ) The question now is,would there be a quorum on the re-carded date (mind you the meeting can then proceed without a quorum.as per the rules).....this should help you place some facts alongside the conjecture,and compare. 


Help me here, trying to understand some of the relationship structure from the PT constitution Article 7-11 you explained in the previous post. I looked up the Constitution Article 8  the role of the President.

#4. Shall have the power and authority to conduct the executive functions of the Association when the Central Executive Committee is not in session. All such action taken by him shall be subject to the approval of a majority of the members of the Central Executive Committee at their next meeting after the exercise by the President of such powers.

What can the CEC do now, don't they have the authority to check the President, can the constitution be amended to change that function the president exercise in Article 7-11?



Of course the Constitution can be changed by majority votes,but one has to cognisant of the real time application of the rules in a given situation/environment and/or of the personality/ies of the office holder/s.There can never be a rule for every situation...also the President and the CEC must be given some freedom to perform their duties.

Let me put it this way....at present PT  adopts the personality of the President and/or CEC,when it should be the President/CEC are reinforced/guided by a strong,vibrant and informed membership.

Yes the CEC have the authority to check the President.

Article 7


(a) A Special Convention shall be called for the purpose of making amendments to the Constitution or to hold bye-elections.


(e) Subject to the provisions of this Constitution and to any other written law for the time being of the Association, the Annual General Meeting shall have the power to confirm, vary or veto any decisions, by-laws or other rules passed during the year by the Central Executive Committee.

I hope this brings some clarity to the discussion

Thanks Oswald,

In the ideal world you hope that this would happen between the President and the CEC. The potential for abuse of that line of authority/responsibility is what we see happening with no accountability.

Like you suggested as a solution to the problem, “when it should be the President/CEC are reinforced/guided by a strong, vibrant and informed membership.” I hope I summarized it correctly.


Like I said to Cecil,the meeting to present the financials had to be aborted as there was not a quorum.....that means many bands were not interested in their own business.It's quite easy to say remove this one and put that one,but that would be dealing with the symptoms but leaving the root cause unattended.

Yes a new group may do better,they can also do worse....you never know....at the back of my mind I am wondering what would happen when they themselves realize that the membership shows little concern about their business,and are maybe tempted to make decisions that mirror what others and they themselves are complaining about now?

OD,each band has to work at being a strong link in the chain,or we would be going around in circles......I see the development of Steelbands management personnel/structures as the most essential ingredient in achieving the PT, people are longing for....I ain't seeing no short cuts.  


With educated people in steelbands now one would think they have people in place to deal with matters not related to the music but they don't and this is the root cause of most of their problems. They have to realize that the music is just one area and development in the other areas are essential. Reaching out to knowledgeable supporters can only be a plus.


"Reaching out to knowledgeable supporters can only be a plus."......I am saying this is a must,unfortunately I know some bandleaders would think they would be giving up the reins of power.

A meeting about finances had to be cancelled because of the lack of a quorum !!!

For shame!!!

There is much talk about change, but apparently little interest in putting in the work that change requires.

And this is why I have little to say about pan politics T&T as long as Pantrinbago remains a democratic organization where the leadership can be voted in or out.

Like in politics, elections have consequences, and we get the leadership we deserve.

Therefore, much of the responsibility for the goings on at PanTrinbago lie with the bands themselves, and their members.

To quote Caius Cassius from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves"

or, to put it in Trini talk,

"We like it so"


That's the stark reality,I have read many statements on these pages about this one or that one,some true, some not true.I realized that many statements were being made in a vacuum,so I decided to fill in some of the blank spaces as best as I can and hope posters have a better understanding of the present situation.

Exactly right, Glenroy! ... time to stop blaming everything and everyone except ourselves.

Cassius was so right too.


It's good to see Mr Diaz is showing Mr Douglas he willing to accept the challenge...

"He said his organisation has had to go “cap in hand” to the Government every time Pan Trinbago wanted to do something. In this regard, the organisation formed and registered The Heritage Lottery Company to enable them to have their own finances."


Pan Trinbago needs $25m for 2015 steelband conference


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