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The Minister of National Security declared on national TV that whether it is 1 or 3 steelbands, to him, it's the same NOISE.  He says he can't tell the difference.  It hurts when you know the sacrifices and hardwork that pannists undergo to produce good music.  To me that comment is serious and a heavy pounding for pan.  How come everybody is so silent?

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When did he say this???

he don't know better

I was convinced that I misunderstood the ministers' comment, as I didn't hear any further mention of it.  Thanks for confirming my ears did not decieve me!!  This is as embarassing as it gets our MNS & most frequent Ag. PM can utter such disgust out of his floppers (not flappers), and I will have to stop right there, as I may become offensive!  Blessings!

We need the clip it was on TV6 news Monday or Tuesday thats when I heard it!  While he was talking about the supposed uneventful Panorama Semis!!! #MinisterOfIgnorance

The reality is that everyone is not a lover of pan or music produced by the pan. No need to get all riled up, although his comments are deemed inappropriate for someone in his position!

One objective voice!!! Nice to see!!! I am sure the statement was taken out of context!!!

I have to see that tape myself or see the statement reproduced in a credible medium to attribute that statement to the Honourable Minister of National Security. Then I will have to go down and shake the Minister hand and tell him that his statement is a little bit off. Because all my life I have said that once you put more than THREE PANS together you have NOISE.

So me and the Minister go have a small argument. On the other hand the Minister is looking for a real BIG argument with the pan fraternity. This ought to be fun!!!


Claude, I am addicted to Pan and Steelpan Music. Ah love it fuh so!  But sometimes when Ah not in d right mood it have a particular popular Steelband in the large band category does sound like real noise most times to me (ah not calling names). Ah wonder if the Minister does experience the same thing like me? 

O dear! Oh dear!  What planet is this minister from?  

This is one of the many embarrassing remarks this Minister has made during his tenure on national TV. However, it allows us to know we have to work hard to sustain our belief in Pan as a musical instrument originated in our land. It also tells us we must continue or begin to teach its value; and give praise to those who participate in the movement with dedication. One of these days, I hope, some like that gentleman at the top, will wake up!!

Well said Ayesha!

Avesha: Been awake since my front row seat at the first PANORAMA in 1963!!!!


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