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The Minister of National Security declared on national TV that whether it is 1 or 3 steelbands, to him, it's the same NOISE.  He says he can't tell the difference.  It hurts when you know the sacrifices and hardwork that pannists undergo to produce good music.  To me that comment is serious and a heavy pounding for pan.  How come everybody is so silent?

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The minister is just another one to add to the list of pan dotish people as there are a few million floating around the world, with no cure for their stupidity. Comments like that ain't worth the time and space on this forum.Claude I have heard many bands with more the three like 73, 83, 93, 103 and they were well orchestrated and balanced both at panorama and music festivals.

Your quote "I have heard MANY bands etc...and they were well orchestrated. I guess by saying "MANY", it means that you have NOT heard 'em all. Who or what gives you the qualifications to label anyone as "pan dotish"? Gerald, there are MANY bands out there that "make a lot of noise and YOU know it. If the Minister is saying that 'pan music' is NOISE, then I have a problem with such a statement.

Ronnie Lewis the statement was made on national television,it's no rumor.

Gerald can you post a quote of the minister's statement.

Thank you

Is the Minister a Trinidadian that is the dumbest statement that could ever spew out of an idiot's mouth
he comes off like a red neck North American and he should be ashamed for making such a statement
Is the Minister a Trinidadian that is the dumbest statement that could ever spew out of an idiot's mouth
he comes off like a red neck North American and he should be ashamed for making such a statement

I admire the Minister for his out-spoken frankness. People, EVERYBODY WOULD NOT LIKE PAN, get real nah. If it was not for the Devil people would not go to Church. Let me put it another way, it is because of people like the Minister, Pan lovers will love Pan more, so in this way the Ministers words and attitude towards the Instrument is useful. Lets move on nah, there must be always the BOTH SIDES to everything, if there was only lovers of Pan, PAN WILL GO NOWHERE. Save yourselves the heart attack.

People get bent outa shape for no apparent reason, ignorance perhaps? Some pan music come across as 'noise' and we have to accept that. 

Certainly,not. We who are wiser must work harder to CHANGE IT. But always know that there are those on the other side that are not of similar thinking,and there is nothing wrong with that. Its like Night and Day, they both work together to CREATE.

Maybe everyone is silent because no one is surprised. He talks out of turn all the time. He is always in every ministry's business, everybody's business and pretends to know everything. At last we know there is at least one thing he knows nothing about and that is 'steelpan music', the indigenous music of Trinidad & Tobago. What a pity!!

It actually is very good to see who really uses while at the same time disrespects and undermines the efforts of our steel bands and future successes in the business of our culture and greatest contribution to the world's citizenship. It seems as though two faces are necessary to survive in T&T, so hopefully the real face will emerge at the right time from our leaders who at this point should be looking over their shoulders, or at least puking in privacy at what they have done to their own flesh and blood. I am fearlessly optimistic however that together we can aspire and achieve the blessings of our gift to the world, I was privileged to meet the legendary Neville Jules last night a man who was refused entry into the US based on looks, but now resides there, so things do change and true value will endure the test of time. After all our successes in the world today with steel drum music I was shocked to hear that some Asian negotiators were offering steel bands gigs abroad with no budget for the players, like the cruise lines I guess where they expect our players to work for the opportunity to travel as the actual payment,  meanwhile you are not allowed to socialize or network with the folks onboard etc, I can imagine networking in China with the cultural & language barriers. The respect and value for ourselves starts right here with our leaderships especially government whose attitude seems to be never mind the sinking ship we have dependable life rafts for the privilege. I am accepting my own responsibility  for the neglect of duties in my chosen profession ( steel band entertainment) and invite the rest of us to finally grasp for our children as well as legacy this final call to shine like we were blessed to by cleaning up our act and finding our best face regardless of our past failures.

   May God continue to bless T&T as we find our willing and capable leadership that serves us all both here at home and abroad where our impact seems to have been more respected..


                                                             Emile Borde

What surprised me about this discussion is that quite a few people seemed to agree that there is a lot of NOISE emanating from PAN that is passed of as MUSIC. I thought it was only me and Jack who was going to get hang.The "instruments" have a long way to go towards musical perfection; even Ellie Mannette said that. And so many sub-standard pans are hustled to the market place -- well, is more NOISE!!!


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