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MoE to hire 120 music instructors for Pan in All Schools project


Education Minister Anthony Garcia is hopeful that some of the negative feelings students experience which contribute to their disruptive behaviour, will be eliminated through steelpan music. 

Garcia expressed this as he delivered the feature address at the launch of the Ministry's Music Education Expansion Initiative - Pan in All Schools Project - at the Arima New Government Primary School on Wednesday.

Speaking to staff and students, he shared that he recently read a story about a pupil who told his class he felt lonely which caused him to be restless. This is one of the things he hopes will be pacified through the programme. 

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Fix the schools. Pay the drivers. No vote initiative.

I have always seen the STEEL PAN as a musical instrument, a great MOTIVATOR, EDUCATOR, STIMULATOR and, most of all, LOVE of the STEEL PAN. One must instinctively possess a natural desire and love for the PAN which challenges us to challenge ourselves and which provides greater success for a livelihood in the many fields of pan music. This project is MAJOR which will involve every aspect of society's upcoming school generations, and where today's Millennials can play a role as seasoned steel pan players, not forgetting our Baby-Boomers who should be considered for their life's experiences, while growing up with the growing pains and the progress of the steel band movement. Having knowledge of music theory and musicology can certainly provide PAN scholars in the art form of teaching, playing and enjoying the steel pan instrument to its most highest levels.


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