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Trinidad All Stars


Phase II

Phase II




Tropical Angel Harps - 2017 Panorama Prelim

La Brea Steel Orchestra - 2017 Panorama Prelim


San City

Tunapuna All Stars Steel Orchestra Preliminary Night! Rhythm Run Tings 2017- Small Band Category

Pan Elders

Phase II


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Them Phase ll bass talking.

Boy them Pan Elders from south is in a class by themselves in the Medium band category. What a magnificent performance they put out here with them pans sounding so sweet. And this is only the prelims. Great job Duvone Steward with them youthful south Pan players.
Renegades woke up to a "Good morning" "Nice tempo.
Nice bass work from Phase 11. Enjoyable.
Hmm the Phase on ah mission boy!!

Well, I listened to 30 seconds of RENEGADES and it did not work for me.

And then I listened to about ONE MINUTE of PHASE II and I don't have to listen to any more PANORAMA MUSIC this year because as I suspected that BOOGSIE COMPOSITION combined with all those skilled players at hand is UNBEATABLE!!!

Ah going back and join Gregory Lindsay in the REVOLUTION to OVERTHROW KEITH DIAZ.

Any video of Despers, Exodus, Silver Stars, Star Lift, Birdsong?


There is no space between Star and lift. its just Starlift.


Randi, you talking about in we days, today they have to Lift up the Star. SMILES.

Enjoyable music by all the bands. Great job. That is pan music.

Excellent music by these Bands,,,All Stars same as the last twenty years,,,,, Phase Two,in a class by themselves ,most progressive music from what I have heard ,nobody anywhere close to D'Phase. Blessings.

Correction please, Morning Glory: In a UNIVERSE OF PAN by themselves!!!

Well I went back and listened to the WHOLE BOOGSIE PERFORMANCE and I am surprised that there are not ONE THOUSAND members of WST ranting and raving about the BRILLIANCE of the music!!!


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