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It is so regrettable that the Executive Committee of Pan Trinbago shows no RESPECT for the member Bands and by extension their Representatives, and the entire Pan Movement, and continues to MAMAGUY the members.

The Executive committee members  have called a meeting on Thursday 9 th January 2014, to be held at the Communication Workers Union Headquarters at Henry Street, Port of Spain. The Agenda comprises of the Reading of  The President's Report, which was not read at the AGM held in October, 2013.

To Discuss Panorama 2014.

Other Business.

This committee were unable to present AUDITED Financial reports at the AGM of 2013, and promised that in two to three weeks from the date of the AGM, a meeting will be called to dicuss the Finances of the Organisation. That has not been done to date.

So, the AUDITED Financial reports for July 2012 To June 2013, remains in a closet, but they are coming to discuss Panorama 2014. Hidden Agendas are normally proven to attract FRAUDULENT behaviour.             

Let's look at the venue. This location cannot comfortably hold representatives of 184 steelbands, actually not even 60% of that number of representatives which can evolve at 220.

The meeting has to be aborted at 8.oo p.m. at the venue.

Under the DUTIES of the Secretary in the constitution of Pan Trinbago, It is clearly stated that printed information must be presented to the member bands at least 28 days prior to the date of a meeting for these matters to be discussed. I am certain that they ( the Executive committee) will present the copies of the Financial reports for discussion just before the meeting is about to begin. Isn"t this a BREACH of the Duties of the Secretary under the constitution? 

Why are the bands accepting this mediocre behaviour?

Pan People, Member Bands, Representatives and Observers, Please remember these monies belong to us the Organisation and must be Accountable to all and sundry. Do not be FOOLED by "ole" talk .

Too much MAMAGUY!

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As you are well aware, notice of this meeting via correspondence was given by PT Secretary (Acting) on December 19, 2013.....which is 21 days before Thursday January 09, 2014. Are you therefore suggesting, that in order for PT to avoid a collision of breaching of the Duties of the Secretary under the PT constitution that;

(1) this meeting should be moved to Thursday January 15, 2014?

(2) an alternate venue suitable to accommodate according to your calculations of the number of attendees expected?

Realistically speaking, as one who has walked through the fire on two occasions in 2012 to which my entire band's executive was summoned twice to PT HQ and supported and defended my case,...and live to tell that tale about speaking the truth despite lukewarm support for the same Pan People, Member Bands, Representatives and Observers, on the ground here in T&T.....that caused an entire election to be stopped.......brotherman......In 2012 I was prepared to go and lie down next to Kubalsingh in front PM office in St. Clair for some of these same allegations that are being made here. I said that on this forum and I meant it. ..There were many lessons on both sides of the fence that I learnt and HQ learnt from that experience. I give you the same advice you gave to me........"Pardner, lie low hold your tongue and take it easy....let us handle our business at our meetings"................Heart & Love

I visited Pan Trinbago Act of Parliament  today...

(some excepts) Pan Trinbago maintains close contacts with the Ministry of Community Development Culture and Women's Affairs (today it is the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism) Designated officers of the Association meet with Ministry officials "once a week to discuss matters concerning the Steelband Movement." Some of the far ranging issues which may arise are:

* Security of pan yard tenure

* Assistance to unsponsored bands.

* Assistance for National Festivals and Show organized by Pan Trinbago.

* Foreign tours, etc.

Gavin, you are wise in referring to their "Constitution". What I believe is that the most far-reaching issue is transparency and accountability. More "foreign tours" simply means more opportunity for corruption. Secondly, the issue with the Act of Parliament that we MUST understand, is that it was a wave of the magic wand, that gave Government control over the steelbands and their association. Further, Pan Trinbago advertises itself as a "non profit union", while engaging in practices that are in violation of both their Constitution and the laws of Trinidad and Tobago (the statutes that establishes business law practices). Under government control (i.e. magic act), they have no power as a body, and because the executive positions have proven to be extremely rewarding paid positions (with benefits such as stock options), with Pan Trinbago leaders living lavish lifestyles (driving around in BMW's and Benz's), I am not sure that any administration (past, present, or future), would want that arrangement changed. And, who foots the bill? The tax payers of Trinidad and Tobago. But agreed; as we all know, Pan Trinbago and the government full of empty promises. Ghost.

Pantum, you have analised this matter correctly. Unless the average Tax Payer, (citizen of T&T), understands what is going on and apply pressure on the Government only then may things improve.

People must understand that the Governments of T&T, have recognised Pan Trinbago as a Professional Corporate body and provided the necessary Finances to operate and run the affairs of PAN on an annual basis. The Pannist must also have the Vision and understanding of where pan is expected to go and apply the necessary pressure on the Executive to reach there. But the main focus must be on INTEGRITY, RESPECT, Transperancy and Accountability.

The Central Bank of T&T requires certain criteria for operating a Credit Union. One of the criteria for elected members of the statutoy committees is in the language "FIT and PROPER"

So, the way forward depends on the pannist. If they are satisfied with the manner in which things are progressing, then there will be no change. If on the other hand, there is a vision to improve and progress the industry that we have for the future generations, then things will start to happen and changes will be made. The entre organisation has to re-design and re develop. 

Trevor: I can feel your pain. You are starting to sound DEFEATED!!!

Actually Claude, Not Defeated, but Disappointed.

When our Executives are handling so much money and we as a body  have not made attempts to purchase property , i am dissappointed.

 When they rent old cars  at $250.00 a day, and would not purchase a truck or two s that transport costs would return to the organisation, I am disappointed.

When young people are not made to see that their are careers in the Pan movement, I am most disappointed.

And i can go on and on. so i hope you can understand the Passion i have for proper governance to improve the movement in T&T. We hold a billion dollar Industry in our hands and because poor management, it is allowed to slip through our fingers.

Trevor: I use the word "defeated" from my own political analysis of the situation. I am "mostly" on the side of the VISIONARIES and I know that your team thought that you would have control of the organization by this time, setting the wheels in motion to generate the billions that could from the industry.

I assume that you have read the many anti-Diaz postings I have made on this forum. However, one cannot overlook his resolve to hold on to power and his political skills. In the political arena, Beverly turned out to be a weak politician who seemed to clasp her hands in prayer waiting to ascend to the throne rather than engaging in the battle at hand.

From where I sit, I see Diaz making it through March-April 2015 -- that is why I say you guys are defeated. There might very well me other forces in the game by then.

Now, in terms of solving the problem, I do not know how much power and support the VISIONARIES really have. But if you guys have support among a good number of the bands, then I have a desperate strategy that might be able to balance the scales in your favor. It may not be a popular strategy and you may not have the support to pull it off but I think you should at least hear it.

My email address is realtyeyes@hotmail.com -- send me an email!!!



Hello Gregory, The answers to both your questions (1) and (2) are in the affirmative, YES!. If there is no need to follow the constitution, then we can afford to discard of it.

Is it that your life was threatened for talking the truth and what you believed? If that was the case, I hope this was reported to the Police and relevant authorities.

If this is where we have reached in the evolution of pan, then we have failed miserably. we have lost over thirty years of the advancement of this instrument.

Gregory, I think you meant Thursday January 16th 2014, NOT JAN 15th, 15th is a Wednesday

Thank you for the correction. You are correct. I guess we shall see what happens tomorrow :)


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