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More Observations From the International Panorama

  1. The International Panorama showed that the Small Band Panorama & Single Pan Panorama should be moved and held every year in August. And the medium and large bands should be allowed to down size and also participate in that competition to guarantee star attraction and public interest. When is the last time a small band ever played to packed Grand Stand like we saw at the International Panorama?

  2. The International Panorama competition should be held the week after the Grenada Panorama to give both Grenada and Antigua a chance to participate in the event. They were sorely missed. Their presence would have really validated this Panorama.

  3. Pan don't need no Greens or Dias Swimming Pool.

  4. WACKfm broadcasters are not ready for an international broadcast.
  5. Bands should not be allowed to use past winning Panorama arrangements that are not their own.
  6. There is nothing like the sound and presence of a large band. They are sacred. Trinidad and Tobago must never give that up. With the Small Bands and Single Pan Band out of the Carnival Panorama scene the large bands will flourish again.

  7. Put more emphasis on the Small Band going to road for carnival.
  8. Supernovas is serious. If the rumors are true that they will now move the large band category - watch out. They will be a force to recon with. The Big Five is about to become the Big Six.

  9. The International Panorama should be held only every four years.  The foreign bands need time to raise funds to make the trip.


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10. The next ICP should be in September when all other panoramas are over and done with. It's unfair to the other countries who have their panoramas in August, including but not just Grenada...

11. Ensure more participation from the Caribbean. Hells Gate in particular were very conspicuously absent. 

Yea Noah -- an international panorama without Hells Gate or Angel Harps or New Dimension of Grenada just don't feel right.

True talk, Bugs

I'm not sure September would work, only because the children, college students and teachers who played would be back in school. It may be tougher to draw players with schools in full swing. 

True. So perhaps before is better, in June...

Makes sense

Bugs, I would like to see emphasis placed on LARGE bands on the road for carnival.

Cecil -- I too would like to see that, but getting a commitment from such a large number of players seems undoable at the moment.  Large steelbands on the road are not part of the Trinidad carnival psychic. With time maybe.


Bugs , a band of about sixty to seventy players is fine for the road.

I doubt many bands had more than that, even back in the glory days.

Also a return to the road will also mean a far more professional approach by the steelbands , which should probably include some kind of a "shift" system for players making it necessary for larger numbers.

Then  arrangements will have to be made between Pan Trinbago, the government and the NCC to facilitate the steelbands i.e. DJ free routes, or times etc.  etc.

That is, If we're serious about the culture, and the steelband, of course.

There will never be a packed Grand Stand for Small & Single pan panorama. Greens & swimming pools do not affect panorama. WACKfm is a private entity.

Even the past winning panorama arrangement wasn't sufficient to 'win' the ICP.

Who do you think will "play" in the Small band?

Supernovas is very, very serious.

ICP should be held every four years.

ICP should be held every FOUR YEARS in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY/CITY!!!

Excellent suggestions, fellars.


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