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Mr. Lolyd Foster Jr. ( ALIAS 'BREE' ' MOW LOU ' ) of PHASE 11 PAN GROOVE has passed

posted by lennie tyson 18 minutes ago

To all members of the pan community it is with a very heavy heart Ibring the news of the passing of one of the most engaging panpersonalities Mr. Lolyd Foster Jr. ( ALIAS 'BREE' ' MOW LOU ' ) of PHASE11 PAN GROOVE. I take this opportunity on behalf of my family andmyself to offer my sincerest condolences to his family at thistime.Having met him in 1978 when I started playing with d phase we verysoon became very close friends a guoup which included LA PIERRE,GLENRICK, GIBBONS JAPPA, TERRY, CASTRO, MORNING,TONY JEAN, wouldassemble after practice and be entertained by Bree well beyond 5.00 amon some occasions those memories would last forever R.I.P. my friend



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When Steel Talks extends our condolences to Phase II and the family of Mr. Lloyd Foster Jr.
This is Carl "De Panman" Richards from Antigua, and I too offer my sincere condolence to the families (PHASE 2, and blood relatives) on Bree's passing. I know all too well what this feels like having just lost my dear mother on the 30th December 2010. We all need to be strong for one another and never fail to trust in God, Mow Lou was the very first to accept me when i arrived in 1993 to be apart of the panorama side for birthday party  master piece as a rookie. Even though i was on quadros he rolled out the welcome mat as he fondly refered to me as "ANTIGUAN" never taking time to ask my name lol, but no disrespect intended of course but he was a truly a great player with wrists like thunder and the confidence to let the world know he could play and Boogsie arraingement. Peace be the journey my friend, God bless you!
  1. condolences to his family, he is a kind of pumpkin vine family, don't know all the connections he attended one of our family gatherings and i was introduced to him as some kind of distant cousin,but Bree has to be dead for him to be refered to as Mau lou, he and Cas were like Mut and jeff, he did not let his big size hold him back, he had one of the quickest pair of hands in the Phase and playing in the soca section was indeed a pleasure any year i was in that stand, we partied in the stand and I had to learn to shut my mouth because is fatigue from a sid with bree leading the charge one time somebody said "ah going to pick up two horse (meaing women) and Bree shout "wey by the padock" the whole practice came to a halt, RIP cous, we will miss u

He"ll be sadly missed was a good brother, RIP BREE!!!


Earl La Pierre jr.

Condolences to the family of Bree
Rest in peace" Mow  Lou" Remembering Survival with Rat and man like Axe ,Cas......  you will be mist
peaceful rest, bree.
Will miss yuh bad meh brother.  RIP bro. Nuff kicks in Heaven wit you around.  Love yuh!
R.I.P.  ....Bree
Will surely be missed, Especially the after practice lime 'til 5:00am with Terry, Praa, myself and Mow Lou then going to buy papers and coconut water on Independence Square, Not forgetting Cas who use to go straight to work when we going in town. RIP big brother.


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