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Miguel: I really appreciate the fact that you chose to come on THIS FORUM and talk about THE MUSIC. You being a BIG LOCAL CONTRIBUTOR. So I have an offer for you (and, by the way, I have been watching you read THE FORUM for a while now and thinking about approaching you -- so the time is perfect).

If you can COMPOSE a song for 2019 along the lines of "THIS IS IT" by PREACHER -- I will FINANCE THE PRODUCTION of the SONG ... with certain conditions. We could get into all the terms and covenants as we go along, because in life EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE.

Now, this is not a TRINI MAMAGUY because I  can bring witnesses to attest to the fact that when I give my word to the LOCALS -- I keep it. And, one more thing, I eh making NO MUSIC for TRINIDAD ONLY.

I am thinking GLOBAL as I have always preached on THIS FORUM.

The BALL is in YOUR COURT!!! Yuh know where to find me!!!

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