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Ms. Prime Minister Keep Your Greens - Move the Semi Finals to Friday & Saturday - Stop the Dissrepect of Pan & Our Youth

Ms. Prime Minister ultimately the buck stops with you.

It is time for the disrespect of Pan and culture to stop. The world is watching. You cannot claim to support the efforts of the young people of Trinidad and Tobago on one hand and support the existence of the Greens at the Panorama semi finals with the other.  That's like handing a burning cigarette to a runner after he has just completed a race. It is a toxic mix.

Stop the disrespect Ms. Prime Minster. Time for you to lead by example.


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Ta-Ta, cheerio

YOUR premier event? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
YOU can be bought, Keith!!!!!!
What's your price?

Ms. Prime Minister?? Are you now a political hatchet man?? I was on the greens and I saw the young and middle aged having fun, imagine having fun at carnival time. Everyone disrespects the pan and pan man and therein lies the travesty. Prime Minister?? Nah, doh wax political.

Patrick this not about politics. But once the players started to get paid by the government the dynamics of Panorama changed. The players are technically government employees. And since all prize money is paid by the government - Panorama is a government operation. Therefore everything surrounding the event is ultimately associated with the government.


Panorama in my opinion should be mainly for steelpan enjoyment, so side events must be managed properly so that they do not interfere with the pan performances.

How 'bout 'live & let live'

I am totally with you Patrick. This is why I said let the Greens continue to have Sunday, Just move the Pan semis to Saturday and Friday away from the distraction. Let's let Pan Trinbago be the best fete promoter they can be. Seems like they are far better at running fetes than running Pan.


Different days sound like a plan, yes.

I am strongly of the view that the parasitic greens existence completely depends on its donor Panorama. Take away the donor and the parasite dies. And, those heavily invested in the greens as well as Pan Trinbago both know this.

I am all for them to give it a try.....but I won't hold my breath. 

Lest we forget. Carnival is bacchanal. What allyuh want? Like they say 'trini doh know what they want'. None of the other PMs cared enough about 'pan'. It is good where it is, with no place else to go. So lehwe stand in one place and jump like Shadow.

It's not the PM's job, it's the job and fortitude of the Steel Bands managers to say that they won't be taking part in the semis as long as the distraction from the greens continue. A nation without a culture is a nation without a past or future. To believe that just  because someone comes along and spends a few dollars that everything is fine is just idiotic, without looking at the message being sent to the most impressionable, the young, who are the ones to carry on the culture.No one has a party outside of the Soca Chutney show, even though it's a derivative of the Calypso show, it still has it's cultural overtones which is being kept intact. So, keep your few dollars and go to Maracas or Las Cuevas and have a splendid time but leave our national instrument and biggest show alone. Every year the same shit. I blame the Pan fraternity for not being men enough to stand up and say, "Enough Is Enough ".

You are 1000% correct Sherwin. But a few years back, I believe that was year the government offered 2 million in prizes to all the competitions - there was a serious bottle throwing incident at the Soca Chutney show. In fact I believe the Prime Minister was present. If someone had gotten hurt or this became a regular occurrence it is safe to say the PM would have been on the hook because they were financial backers.



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