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MTTB: Now that NEW ENGLAND loss, yuh think TOM BRADY could say he going and QUARTERBACK for MINNESOTA now and come to SAN FRANCISCO on SATURDAY? Yuh mad oh MEH LARD OH!!! So why corrupt yuh culture...


Merrytonestothebone: Even if you don't follow AMERICAN FOOTBALL -- ah know yuh get the point!!!

But if BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE was the FOOTBALL COMMISSIONER  in the NFL and CECIL HINKSON and EARL RICHARDS was the VEE PEE and the ERO -- TOM BRADY woulda sure to be on that plane heading out WEST leaving snowbound MINNESOTA and heading down to sunshine SILICON VALLEY for the BIG GAME on SATURDAY!!!

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...But in Trinidad Panorama yuh could play for 7 bands in the Prelims and if 5 get knock out yuh could move on to another three or more (as time would permit) for the Semis. Then even that new set don't make the Finals, since yuh is a crackshot yuh could then make yuh pick of any of the 10 finalists. Is only in real life, when yuh dead yuh done...Not Panorama...

MTTB:  That seems to be the name of the game and the powers that be are turning a blind eye.  So, who actually wins?

So much for Integrity ...

Oh?...Ingrid, you know that word too?...I mentioned it on Facebook recently in the face of tumultuous support for crackshot players. Some people even suggested that the rule limiting players to competing with one band in each category should be revised. After I advised that only people with INTEGRITY would be prepared accept that Panorama is no longer a COMPETITION anymore once your are allowed to perform with more than one band, nobody has since responded...

MTTB:  When you're jumping from band to band in a competition, you are competing against yourself so no-one wins .... and Pan Trinbago don't care, despite their rule.  As long as Panorama takes place, they are more than satisfied!

LONDON and TRINIDAD: And the best part of the joke is that WHEN THE PANORAMA DONE -- THE PRESIDENT (Beverley Ramsey-Moore) running by NEWSDAY to give a final report and tell the world that SHE IS SO PLEASED WITH THE HIGH STANDARD OF THE BANDS!!!

They say that COMEDY stems from ABSURDITY -- BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE take THE PRIZE with that ridiculously ABSURD SUMMARY.

Leh meh break it down for the BLIND SHEEP: The SAME CRACKSHOTS (the best players in the land) playing for ALL THE BANDS (appearing in every band) in the "same competition" on the same night (where sometimes the same arrangers ARRANGE for different bands in the same competition) -- HOW COULD THE STANDARD OF PLAY not be "STANDARDLY" HIGH?

If that is your total accomplishment that you have to boast about after 15 months in office -- HEAVEN HELP PAN IN TRINIDAD!!!


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