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Revisiting -- Musician, educator and arranger Rafael "Raf" Robertson has passed

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family and friends of music stand-out Raf Robertson.

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RAF.  You Gone too Boy. Gone to Join All the Greats Who Have Gone Before. You Guys Make Death Seems Like its Not Too Bad a Thing. Thanks Raf For the Music. Continue Playing in Heaven. You Too GUPPPY. May You Both Rest - In  - Peace with the other Icons who have Gone Before You.

Oh, my!

I am so sorry to learn of Raf's passing.

Deepest condolences to family and close friends

and thanks for the music which I shall treasure even more.

Cynthia M. Birch

My God. This is really distressing news. My sincerest condolences to his family.

This seems so sudden since at last meeting he seemed quite well.

Any news as to his funeral service?

my this one is  a real surprise and shock- condolences to the family- continue the  music   and thanks for many years of great music- blessings- rip 

Condolences to Raf family and friends.

RIP big brother

WHAT!.....Another again.....Great musician Raf....Sincere condolences to the family, relatives friends and birdsong.

Rest In Peace Raf ....your contribution to our culture is well noted ...thank you

This is a real tragedy. No doubt Raf was one of the top musicians ever out of T&T.
I'm blessed to have played on his last cd.
You will be missed dearly brother Raf.

Many Condolences to the family.

May Rafs music live on.

Thanks for the MUSIC....

A very talented and accomplished musician, and contributor to our beloved art-form.

My condolences to his loved ones. He will be missed.

Rest in Peace, Raft Robertson.

Fare the well my brother, I have now Linkedin with Lennox "Sam" Fortune & Luke of Hatters  


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