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MY WISH LIST FOR PAN starts with a GLOBAL PAN STAR from TRINIDAD touring THE WORLD and showcasing THE INSTRUMENT ...

... but I am not talking about playing in little night clubs and doing presentations in schools. I am talking about CONCERT HALLS and CONVENTIONS and CORPORATE EVENTS and TELEVISION and MOVIES. And this PAN STAR has to have THE TOTAL PACKAGE!!! 

I don't mind if the YANKEE-TRINIS beat us to the PUNCH which is most likely after our DISASTROUS PERFORMANCE when we tried to play GLOBAL PAN MUSIC in front of INTERNATIONAL JUDGES -- but I am still holding out hope to live LONG ENOUGH to see THIS PAN DREAM COME TRUE. Now, according to my calculation, I only have about 15 more years left on my life clock -- so dem TRINI PAN MEN better start practicing SERIOUSLY.

Next on my list is GLOBAL PAN MUSIC. I want to be driving down the road one day flipping channels on SIRIUS and suddenly hear this MAGNIFICENT PIECE of PAN MUSIC being played on "MAINSTREAM RADIO". An ORIGINAL COMPOSITION that could be played on any EASY LISTENING RADIO STATION anywhere EN EL MUNDO.

Allyuh not going to like this one, at all. But I am NOT SATISFIED with the PAN TONES as yet. I could still hear some GRAPEFRUIT CAN in some of those notes. And that is why I am so mesmerized by the potential of the PAN SYNTHESIZER because I am sure that it will reach TONAL PERFECTION long before the REAL INSTRUMENT does.

OKAY!!! My last wish!!! 

I want those ARRANGERS in TRINIDAD to stop putting all that CLASSICAL STUPIDNESS in my CALYPSO on a CARNIVAL SATURDAY NIGHT in TRINIDAD when the whole country is burning down with DEM DEE JAYS blazing HARDCORE SOCA and MAN and WOMAN in JAM AND WINE MODE.

Ah hope DUVONE STEWART get THIS MESSAGE. Or me and my lesbian girlfriend PAN CRITIC will have to come to the rescue of what authentic PANORAMA MUSIC should be -- once again!!!

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