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namethe panorama arranger, right now that is the most respected and why,

I say Duvone stewart, 1

1  he is the reiging champ, ,

2 won mor catergories

3, he lose weight, ,  taking away all them men woman, 

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Well, it got to be DUVONE STEWART. Most of the BOOGSIE IS A GENIUS FANS jump ship -- especially Cecil Hinkson.

The "WHY" is a hard question. But I will give a long time TRINI ANSWER: When is your time is your time.

But I am waiting for a YOUNG ARRANGER to emerge and play the CALYPSO head on. I know that the judges like how Duvone puts a TUXEDO on the CALYPSO and makes it sound all sophisticated. So he already won all the categories for 2020.

My expectation of a PANORAMA CALYPSO ARRANGEMENT is more NITTY GRITTY TRINIDAD!!! Hard Core and unapologetic expression of the idiom that makes you want to JUMP OUT OF YOUR SEAT and snatch ah woman or ah man and JAM JAM JAM!!!


Blast the RHYTHM in yuh ear

Yuh jump in ah band yuh teeth grinding


Claude, when Duvone Stewart, put down a h arrangement with a a steelband, the women does want to jump out their seat and drop they pants and want t go and grab and hold on to mey boi, Duvone,  (music sweet too bad)

Duvone is like PNM ... He beat them in the East. He beat them in the West. He beat the in the North. He beat them in the South. He beat Dem. He beat Dem, He beat Dem.  

Bede Lopez, We have to respect all of our various arrangers.  However, at this moment,

Duvone Stewart (1) Is the only arranger to lead a band to victory consecutively for 17 years, 2003 through 2019 (2) Is the only one to win Panorama Single & Small and Pan Down Memory Lane in the same year (3) Is the only one to win Single & Medium in the same year (4) Is the only one to place 5 Large consecutive 3rd (5) Win 6 consecutive Medium Panoramas (6) Win large panorama wire to wire in 2018 & 2019 (7) Win Large, Medium and Small Panoramas in the same year (8) And is the only one to win 25 various pan competitions from 2003 to 2019.

Terrance Marcelle is the first to lead a conventional to 5 consecutive wins and is the leading Small Bands Panorama winner with 7.

Pellam Goddard is the one to lead a conventional band to 11 consecutive top-three, 1995 through 2005.

Leon Edwards has placed in the top-three 24 times.

Len Sharpe has 25 top-three.

I have updated my 4 pan books to 2019. {laventl@aol.com} Love Peace and Pan 


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