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Narrative on NCC involvement

There is a narrative of involvement by the NCC. It is suggested that they are offering a proposal for the 2017 panorama. The present regime of Pan Trinbago is also offering their version of the panorama 2017. Two different concepts, it is also reported that the NCC will receive more money than the present regime. …….If this is the case it becomes a no-win situation for pan. The present regime of Pan Trinbago, is not trustworthy to present the panorama with all of their stated corruption practices. On the other hand, accepting the NCC is simply going backwards. They are not capable of producing a future for the pan. This present situation is the result of all the improprieties and mal-practices that the present regime had engaged in since 2009. They have caused this malaise which is an unfortunate situation for the pan movement.

A change in the administration is definitely a welcomed scenario.

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Quite interesting...I heard a similar story too...and I agree as you said, it is a backward step. Moreso since as you also indicated that the money passed by the government to pay the outstanding player stipends was seized by the bank...

merrytones, is it safe to say "and the beat goes on"

Yuh see now why I wish the beat would stop?...At least stop to change the tune or something...

Salah & Merrytones

Maybe this is a necessary step in order to put together an organization, business or union that truly promotes a culture of fair-play and champions the interest of the instrument and players. From what I hear, it would be impossible to shut Pan Trinbago down without an act of Parliament.


Well it might just be in the government's interest to do so....They want votes to stay in power...Yuh know how de t'ing does go...So don't be too surprised if in the near future dey make make dey play...

Has any of this been fact checked? you know how we like to jump the gun in TnT especially if it's about bacchanal.
If the pan players money has been seized then it becomes incumbent on the gov't to actually pay the bands themselves.
But of course the bands have no leverage since they do not have an ASSOCIATION to bat for them.

Boi ah want to laugh about the bank seizing the $5 mil. that was supposed to pay pan players, but ah go cry instead. AGAIN pan people get the shitty end of the stick.

Cecil dem pan man who like to play in more than one band will behave themselves from now on. They will develop real business sense for 2017.  Half of my pay upfront or a government issued debit card.


Bugs...on one hand yuh can't blame the crackshots for their behaviour...if they went to bands and bands refused their services or what should have happened from day one, Pan Trinbago owtlaw band hopping and arranger-rama in the first place, we may not be even having this discussion. The real problem with Pan Trinbago is that it is being run by Panmen who all have an interest in the outcome of the show. You think any executive member would vote to cut off dey nose to spoil dey face?...

Merrytones - one does not have to be a business or cultural genius to see that this current Pan Trinbago model was going to eventually crash and burn.

The Spelling Bee, NFL, NBA and MLB owners all have an interest in the outcome of their leagues show's bonanza. Killing the Golden Goose is not part of their program. On the other hand Pan Trinbago's behavior and leadership does not come across as being intelligent.

Who competes against themselves? Is this a fantasy Pan league or Panorama show?


We should not rush to say that the NCC is a backward step if it runs the Panorama 2017 event. It is just temporary until the government and other stakeholders of PT investigate the extent of the mismanagement of the organization and its funds both tax payers monies and shareholders funds if any exist. PT cannot be both. A non profit organization under Companies Not for  Profit Law and simultaneously a Limited Liability company under the Company laws of T&T. It has to choose one or the other.Even if the Profit Companies have a different name but run by PT's funds it is wrong.  The organization will be pulled down simply on that basis what to speak of misappropriation of funds either of PT or its LL companies. Opposing lawyers will simply have to discover this and it will be stopped. The government instead of making a temporary new body to run Panorama 2017 is right in using an existing Carnival Body-NCC with experience of running Carnival events of which Panorama is nothing more than a Carnival event. In fact NCC will do a better job than the present PT management. Funds cannot be given to PT under the present conditions. In fact any monies passed to PT should  be seized by the their bankers.  If a time has come to stop PT it is now. The steelband members must come out and refuse to be under the present PT Body.

Curiouser and curiouser...


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