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Trinidadians like to spout “pan is ours” but never gives the instrument its just due. Pan is found in schools and universities globally, but in TT it appears to be “by the way.”

Recently pan music was included in the Toronto Raptors basketball team’s victory celebrations in Canada, but at home in Carifesta XIV, pan has been relegated to Dust in the Road.

I’m certain the “Big 6” would have welcomed an opportunity to perform sweet scintillating music to the thousands of visitors anticipated, with music of the likes of Bach, calypsoes, pop, jazz, soul, etc.

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I have been so disappointed at the lack of interest with pan music in TT schools,  while many UK schools were introducing the instrument with music lessons since the mid 70s.

I find the question "Natrional instrument or bastard child?" irrelevant.

As a pan player, my experience in Trinidad is that pan has always been the bastard child.

The authorities have always neglected pan and pan players.

Mainstream Trinidad has always looked down on the pan and pan players. 

Pan Trinbago has ripped off pan players.

Even the general public would pay hundreds of dollars to hear a DJ play in a fete but want to hear pan for free.

Ask any pan player if you do not believe me.


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