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NCC boss: Regional bodies must account for budget

Chair­man of the Na­tion­al Car­ni­val Com­mis­sion (NCC) Win­ston “Gyp­sy” Pe­ters told re­gion­al Car­ni­val bod­ies if they can­not ac­count for tax­pay­ers’ mon­ey spent on pre­vi­ous Car­ni­val events, they will not be pro­vid­ed with any fund­ing for this year’s cel­e­bra­tions.

“We got back some ac­counts from some of the peo­ple. And we have not got­ten back from quite a few of them...San Fer­nan­do in­clud­ed. As far as I am told those are go­ing to have a chal­lenge. We want ac­count­abil­i­ty for the mon­ey they have spent. This is some­thing they have to do every year. Some of them er­rant... they did not do it. Ac­tions with­out con­se­quence are what caus­ing the delin­quen­cy.”


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Something about the name calling between pots and kettles comes to mind..... or which part of the fish rots first... or the steady beat of irony .....

That standard should have been applied many years ago, but some assistance in keeping acceptable financial records may be required by some to consistently meet it. Better late than never!


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