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NCC Official Comment On The Lighting At The Kings And Queens Competition 2019

Port of Spain, Trinidad: Friday, March 1, 2019: The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (NCC) is aware of certain issues and complaints surrounding the lighting conditions at Wednesday night’s Junior and Senior Kings and Queens Competition held at Carnival City, Queen’s Park Savannah.

Several members of the public have since been quite vocal, and understandably condemnatory, about their inability to properly see all the presentations in their full splendour.

While the NCC fully understands how the reduced lighting noticeably affected the telecast on TTT, these conditions did not adversely affect the live presentations and the judges’ ability to adequately perform their functions.

We sincerely regret the lighting conditions and would like to take this opportunity to formally apologise to the many faithful fans and supporters who tuned in to see the mas presentations, for being potentially deprived of the production’s fullest visual potential.

A comprehensive follow-up investigation with our Operations and Stage Management teams is ongoing, with clearly defined and adaptive measures set in place to prevent reoccurrences at future Carnival City events, as part of our mandate to work with all our stakeholders to elevate Carnival production standards to a best-in-practice level.

In thanking the viewing public for its patience and understanding on this matter, we continue to be receptive to any concerns and ideas that you may have, and look forward to receiving them.

You can email us at info@ncctt.org or visit us on Facebook to share your concerns.

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just love all the usual cover up and flowery  words and of course the investigation

 a famous word in tnt

I looked at the show with a BUNCH OF TRINIS commenting on the side -- and their were ONGOING complaints about the lighting. Personally, I don't expect too much from DOLLY and GYPSY and the NCC -- so I mostly took it in stride.

The good news is that the DOLLY and GYPSY and the NCC HAVE PROMISED promised to FIX EVERYTHING NEXT YEAR after they do a comprehensive follow-up investigation with clearly defined and adaptive measures ... just like they did with the FORENSIC AUDIT and PAN TRINBAGO.

It is not going to get fix untill the National Carnival Arena is Constructed. Period.>>>


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