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NCC President: Audit all Carnival bodies that receive State funding

NCC President Kenny De Silva speaks to Hema Ramkissoon on The Morning Brew about Government's audit into Pan Trinbago.

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Wow: What a revelation! Given the fact that we are dealing with State funding, doesn't it stand to reason that all these bodies should have an annual audit? Are we supposed to rejoice because "they" say there'll be an audit?

The comedy continues.......meantime ah trying to fix meh short nose sailor costume, come Carnival Monday, I in style, long nose and all.

Mr DeSilva , this was a really intelligent interview, you said all the right
Things that needed to be said,you understand all of the problems with our carnival,
You said that carnival should be a production, it should be produced with a time limit so
That it can be viewed in a really well put together show and not dragged on like it has been
In the last many years and loosing audiences. You are so right when you said there used to be long lines
Waiting to get tickets for this show , not anymore and it will only get worst if it goes on .. same for panorama
And the street parade ..

Miguel R
It's about time


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