• I wouldn't say new cause he took them panorama and got them to 4th place the highest they got since taking part well b4 last year. But the players should be well adjusted

    • Crossfire came 2nd with Leon Foster this will be third time around.

  • This will be a great warm up for his new assignment with south large band NLCB Fonclaire. Also New York Panorama will be very competitive with young arrangers.
  • Duvone won already in New York.

  • Arrangers shuffle in New York, Kendell Williams is with CASYM for 2017, anyone know if Duvone will be working in NY this year?

    • Duvone does only win SMALL BAND. It's called a PSYCHOLOGICAL  BARRIER!!!

  • Wow! This announcement would have made Leon's dad "Rollo" real proud:-  CrossFire Steel Orchestra has announced that Leon "Foster" Thomas will be their 2017 New York Panorama arranger. You can now Rest In PEACE" ... Rollo.

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