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The musically talented and college grad Andre White is now the arranger for the Santa Cruz band Pamberri . He is a good friend of mines from New York and when I spoke to him yesterday he was in Trinidad making the final arrangements. If you remember Andre or Dre as we call him once arranged for Desperadoes. His band placed second behind Radoes in the 2016 NY Panorama and his band has been doing great in the U.K. I am so happy that he is getting a chance to prove himself and Pamberri has been struggling in recent year. Good luck Dre.

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Boy, allyuh eh giving dem young arrangers in Trinidad a chance at all. Is only one set ah foreign arrangers allyuh bringing down to take away PAN WUK from the LOCALS.


Please listen to Andre's arrangements of the last two years.

They are simply two of the best in Pan for the last decade if we are talking music.

If I were you, I would sign Andre now for that big global CD project you want to bring forward as soon as Rolly Polly goes to jail.


It's all about WINNING my friend...WINNING...RESULTS...and the mercenary cultre continues to grow too....ah hope CIP and whoever else have a plan to fix it...But then again is all about more money for panmen and women...and at any cost too...

Is best I apply for ah ARRANGER WUK too. I have been personal friends with one of the BIGGEST JAZZ MEN on the WEST COAST for over 30 years and he lives three doors away from me. So all I have to do is to sub-contract the WUK to him. Just hand him the calypso and tell him to arrange it with some FANCY JAZZ and then have him write out all the parts and then I come down and present it to my assistant arranger (merrytonestothebone -- if he accepts the WUK) and I gone and drink an lime all day long.

Come back in the night and say: Merrytonestothebone, how we sounding?


On second thought, leh me forget that because I done tell allyuh already that I am a CALYPSO DIEHARD and I doh want no JAZZ or SALSA or SAMBA or CLASSICAL in meh PANORAMA arrangement.

Like is time to form a new group: CONCERNED INDIVIDUALS FOR LOCAL ARRANGERS!!!

...wai-ah-yai....lol...good one bro...

Pamberi  Steel Orchestra is located up San Juan hill near the end of the Santa Cruz Old Road In SAN JUAN.


Andre White is a very good choice as the next arranger for Panberi I played his music in panorama a few years ago and I was very much impress, he is quite capable of taking Panberi all the way in panorama 2018 and beyond!!

Spell check ! It is Pamberi ! And thanks for the correction in address the lovely Brenda Hosang.

How many Bands in trinidad really use foreign arrangers not much maybe 3-4. So people born in trinidad living away they souldnt be allowed to come trini and arrange if thats the case NY should ban all foreign arrangers from coming and arrange.

Last they not taking food away from no one they have over 100 bands in trinidad and how much of that 100 does use same arranger in every category 

Well Mr. Gabriel: My best friend and arranger, MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE, never abandoned Trinidad like these EXPATS did. He spent his whole life in Trinidad SUPPORTING PAN. So I think that when it comes to hiring arrangers -- LOCALS like MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE should be given FIRST PRIORITY above all these FOREIGN INVADERS.

Furthermore, these IMPORTED ARRANGERS just want to come to TRINIDAD and show us all these FOREIGN MUSICAL GENRES they learned abroad. But this is a CALYPSO and STEELBAND COMPETITION and nobody nowhere in the world could come to TRINIDAD and teach WE HOW TO PLAY CALYPSO ON PAN.

And who knows how to keep the music more LOCAL than TRINIDADIANS who lived their whole life in TRINIDAD absorbing the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD.

When Gregory Lindsay takes control of PAN TRINBAGO I hope he puts an end to this FOREIGN ARRANGER NONSENSE!!!


You have been credited as saying that Andy Narell could teach Trinidad ah thing or two about playing and arranging Calypso on Pan. You mean that was fake news?

And furthermore, the only arranger that is not Trini born or does not have Trini parents is Andy Narell. Claude why are you trying to put Gregory in unnecessary bacchanal.


So claude you meant to tell me you get the opertunity to travel and make a better life for you and your family you will not, some of them same ones you putting down or saying taking work are the same one putting out cds traveling the world playing the pan. Now to add more salt well look leaon foster who does be in trinidad 6 months out of the year to say is doing fonclair next year!!!


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