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With the steel pans it opens up the composing element of music. The children are absolutely loving it,"New music classroom brings 'awe and wonder' to young pupils

Iceni Academy in Hockwold unveil their new dedicated music room . Picture: Sonya Duncan

Music lessons can often fall victim to under-resourcing at rural primary schools, with a lack of teachers and funds for equipment.

Pupils at Iceni Academy in Hockwold play a piece on steel pans in their new dedicated music room. Picture: Sonya DuncanPupils at Iceni Academy in Hockwold play a piece on steel pans in their new dedicated music room. Picture: Sonya Duncan

But one primary school in Norfolk has pulled out all the stops in the renovation of a new music classroom.

Iceni Academy Hockwold has pumped significant investment into the new facility, which is housed in an outbuilding on the school playground on a site formerly occupied by a mobile classroom.

The bright room is packed with instruments including several ukuleles, a variety of percussion instruments including a full drum kit and a vast collection of steel pans, donated by assistant headteacher and music lead Alicia Rickards who has played in steel bands for 22 years.

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  • Congratulations on their success in  building this safe structure. 
  • Brenda H.

love it....

I am impressed with the architecture of the room which in my COUNTRY-BOOKIE opinion seems acoustically ready, a feature lacking in all the "Band rooms" that local steelbands use for the same purpose. The most significant phrase for me must certainly be "SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT". an action that (most) local steelband leaders seem incapable of initiating, or  have no desire in accomplishing.

Music Schools in the Community- Cordettes

Unfortunately odw, the incumbent government discontinued this program at the end of 2017 (YOU WILL HEAR SOME BULLSHIT ABOUT SOME PAN IN THE CLASSROOM INITIATIVE ABOUT TO COMMENCE, again). However,  in 2018 Cordettes, on its own, with the cooperation of students. and their parents and guardians contracted the same qualified and experienced tutors supplied by the ministry, and launched The Cordettes Academy for The Arts as a NGO, and continued the program on its own successfully. In a recent conversation with the Coordinator of the eastern region of Pan Trinbago where Cordettes is located geographically, as a resident of the community, I asked why was the regional body not adopting, and pushing such initiatives as developmental, and necessary for future growth. I was bombarded with a pack of shit, as this gentleman, just I suspect he views all panmen, quite like looked at me as the kakahole that he may very well be!

That is how elected steelband executives in Trinidad (and quite likely Tobago) view rank and file Panmen, as KAKAHOLES!

  • Cordettes' 2019 Program commences in June, and would end for the year when students are offered for the Royal Academy of Music Theoretical Examinations.
  • The Young Lady in the video Emily, is continuing her musical education at tertiary level, and teaches preschoolers pan at the panyard on a weekly basis.


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