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Lydia Millet-Adams Change isn’t always good. Not happy with this at all. Small and single pans will be forced to play ONLY old tunes.

FIVE MONTHS OF PANORAMA!!! (Practice have to start in OCTOBER and we going straight through FEBRUARY.)

Good strategy to TIE UP PAN MEN HEAD!!!

Most of the single and small bands do back in times. 2020 music will be out around October.

Arthur Wayne Traverso If this is official well then crapoed smoking we pipe ! Firstly Pan in November/December is a no no for them Parang loving Trinis and to add fuel we have a drastic increase in the Spanish speaking population( the real Parang deros) . Second putting seven Medium bands( we all know that at least three Tobago bands will qualify) from Trinidad on those unreliable ferry boats to Tobago is a cause for disaster, not to mention hotel accommodation for the Pan players and supporters in that already crammed small island ( Vennies are there too ) ! Putting the Large bands by itself on Carnival Saturday with require at least 15 bands in the finals to get a solid paying audience especially with so many fetes that night .

Mr. Jules once said that he didn't see the purpose of the single pan bands and that Pan had long progress past that. The single pan band revival was a very bad idea that came from Patrick Arnold.  Most of the changes done under Patrick Arnold have led to disastrous results. 

The issue with the small bands won't change by simply changing the time of the year. 

The Medium band finals in Tobago might work well. In fact if done with proper planing it could be a very big deal.


Ah man blaming BOOGSIE for all these DESPERATE CHANGES and the PANORAMA OBSESSION ... this PAN TING real sweet, yes!!!

Eustace Applewhite Thanks Boogsie once again you buy cat in bag and sell it to the pan world , no disrespect to madam President but its not too late to start on the good foot , fix the books first , get the scissors and the cutter , too many shows in the first place , suggestion cut the medium lower the minumum for large allow arrangers at least two bands per category make large open integrate small and single less shows bigger crowd more income less, over head,

Dem EXPATS who going and buy the LARGE BAND PAY PER VIEW doh want no two hour show -- yuh know!!! And you cannot put 15 LARGE BANDS in the FINALS because at least 10 of them will be playing UTTER GARBAGE.

So if that 2019 PAY PER VIEW cheque gone to allyuh head -- allyuh going and kill that goose after it lay ah second egg in 2020.

8 months and 200 meetings later and all that EXECUTIVE could come up with is EXPANDING PANORAMA.

What about all them promised changes in the MANIFESTO?

This is ridiculous.

As a regular visitor to Trinidad for Carnival, the only viable option would be for me to attend the Large Band Finals only as going to Tobago, just for Medium Band Finals, would be out of my financial reach and I suspect a lot of other visitors.

This is surely a money making scheme ... but not for the pan men and women.

So much for trying to tap into the global market.

Shame on you, Beverley.  You haven't done anything constructive for pan since your election and you are only thinking about you and Tobago.  No-one else!

The pan world stretches further than Trinidad and Tobago ... 

For those who VOTED for CHANGE...Elections has consequences!

The Main Squeeze - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)

Team Re-build Sweeps Pan Trinbago 2018 Elections -- Congratulations to Team Re-Build

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Reply by odw on October 28, 2018 at 9:52pm

Al Green - A Change Is Gonna Come

Nikita T. Charles This is shit.

The majority of Trinidad & Tobago steelbands by far gave no objections to these proposed changes. These changes would not have been possible if the steelbands themselves did not give their blessings. Anybody here on this forum have better ideas that could create the success much needed for Pan?? Please say your piece.


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