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New Rule Change for Panorama 2010
Global - Pan Trinbago has announced an increase in the number of bands qualifying for the National Panorama Finals 2010. Visit When Steel Talks As a result there will be ten (10) finalists in each of the three categories ie Small, Medium and Large Conventional Bands.
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They moving. Good move.
This is a good move for the small and medium bands. I not feeling it for the large bands. There are only 17 big bands to start with.

Large should remain at 8 finalists and they should have a semi final as well...Pan Trinbago continues to treat the Large bands like spoilt children....that is why they so disobedient...want to bet Exodus and Phase II go to finals with more than 120 as they usually do anyway?....
Merrytones you raise an interesting point around the limits. How are these limits arrived at? And while I am not advocating breaking any rule after it has been agreed upon, are we not punishing bands like All Stars, Exodus or Phase II because they frankly are better at marketing their bands?

If I remember correctly, when categories were introduced in 2004, bands were sorted based on known number of players and past Panorama success....I suppose this was in an effort to level the playing field since prior to 2004 you would have bands of 100 plus competing with bands of 50 and even less in some instances...Categorization spawned the emergence of several small and single pan bands over the six years and now the competition has become un-weildly...my case is this...the Single Pan Category has 60-odd entrants at prelims...their finalists are 15....Small has 40-odd...their finalists are 10, Medium has 22 I think....their finalsts are also 10...Large has only 17 entrants...they already have no preliminary competition (for whatever reason) and out of 17, 10 going to the finals?...There can be no justification for that...it's just a "might-is-right" kinda thing as I see it...and that attitude is what had them peeved at obeying the 100 player rule...I don't see restricting bands to 100 as punishment as much as I see it as a responsible cost-saving effort on the part of Pan Trinbago but, the bands themselves see it otherwise...I am from a small band..."cockroach have no business in fowl party"...
Just out of curiosity why has Merry-tones stayed in the small band category? Would you be adverse to a rule that made it mandatory that you move on to another category if you win three times in row in your chosen category?

No such stipulation was ever made, plus by staying small we are simply living within our means....we prefer the band to grow naturally rather than go "buying" players who will never really "belong" to our band simply because they didn't willingly join...see my point? Let me ask you this question...What if a large band wins three time in a row?...what's next for them?...I don't think moving up could be made mandatory...I know that bands are allowed to move down...once they present good reason for wanting to do so...and a few bands indeed have. Case in point Deltones. They were once a large band who became medium, scaled down to small...won...then moved right up to large and placed 6th (or somewhere) in last year's finals...
Good points Merrytones. Good luck today in the prelims.



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