Brooklyn, New York -  In spite of the hardships - the New York steelband music community once again distinguished itself, and displayed a body of musical works scored for the large steel orchestra and stage side that was on the cutting edge, progressive and moving - with global impact. Moreover they reaffirmed themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with on all levels with compositional creations and performances related to the steelpan instrument. In addition, other young distinguished New York steelband composers like Andy Akiho, Khuent Rose and Andre White continue to push the envelope and expectant norm with compositions and projects that encompass both the conventional and mixed ensemble, while simultaneously embracing traditional and experimental material...

On the Panorama Front

(Bobby asks:) What you gonna play now?
(James Brown says:) Bobby, I don’t know but what’s it ever I play - Its got to be funky!
(Bobby says:) Yeah
And there lies rule #1, #2 and #3 when participating in the annual New York Steel Orchestra Panorama competition - or you are sure to get your feelings hurt.

Clearly, New York has its own ideas on where the Panorama music genre should be heading, and what can be musically achieved in this forum with the art form. A quick look at the 2015 New York tunes of choice by the orchestras, is a strong indicator of the difference in mindset and attitude compared to other Panoramas worldwide. Current world-popular 2015 Soca hit Machel Montano’s “Like Ah Boss” was played by four orchestras. Music educator Eric Mc Allister describes Andre White’s arrangement of Farmer Nappy’s “My House” for Pantonic Steel Orchestra as “modern.” Modern is indeed the operable word to accurately describe the approach and musical output by the New York steel orchestras. New York’s 2015 arrangers - Terrance “BJ” Marcelle, Duvone Stewart, Amrit Samaroo, Kendall Williams, Leon “Foster” Thomas, Odie Franklin, André White, Freddy Harris III and the legendary Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (the latter via Skype) represent a tremendous amount of “A” level Panorama talent. The Panorama musical offerings for 2015 from this group of orchestras were outstanding.
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  • Great review. Andre White's arrangement was as Merrytones said, modern. The future is now.


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