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Anyone knows if there will a live stream?

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lets hope so

iv been looking online too and cant see anything .. doesnt look promising! 

As of right now we have been told that there will be no live streaming of the WIADCA panorama.


Thanks for the info.

Wow! 2012, look where we have reached. Sad
Best try to find someone there with an iphone and a ustream account yes

Lat year we had it what is wrong this year?

 I listened to it in London via WST

when i checked the wiadca website it said u hav to pay $10 but nowimnot even seein that


Glad it's not just me! I thought I had seen someone on WIADCA but, like you, when I went to check there was nothing. Thought I might have been mistaken and have just spent a couple hours putting every different option I could think of into Google. Should have checked back here sooner. After last year, I'll be disappointed if there's no stream!!!

hey guys where is the stream of NYC panorama...?

Hi guys and girls .. you can get your fill of pan here .. sorry it is so late



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