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Other than the drama around Steel Xplosion (who apparently are going to be allowed into the competition after all), there isn't much recent discussion about the panorama next week. The WST thread about it has sunk to the bottom. As I understand it here is the up-to-date rundown of bands in A-Z order:

ADLIB - The Fog - Andre White

CASYM - Fantastic Friday - Duvone Stewart

Crossfire - Leh Go - Kendall Williams

Despers USA - Wining Queen - Odie Franklin

D'Radoes - Fantastic Friday - BJ Marcelle

Harmony - Gold - Marc Brooks

Pan Fantasy - Fantastic Friday - Al Foster

Pan Sonatas - Fantastic Friday - Leon Foster Thomas

Pantonic - Live Yuh Life Like Yuh Playing Mas - Seion Gomez

Steel XPlosion - She Ready - Freddie Harris, Jr

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This is GOOD NEWS!!!

If this true about Steel Xposion, I am proud of the powers that be, It took BIG people to do what you all did, you showed us excellent leadership.

Cecil: Like dey send AN ANGEL to do  MAN'S JOB. Congratulations on the way you pushed this topic to the point where you may have directly influenced the outcome. Ah have to give yuh back all yuh diplomatic papers and try to get you a promotion from Kamla. GREAT JOB!!!

Four bands out of ten playing the same tune another one playing ah ole tune not much to discuss.

On the contrary. Four different bands doing the same tune is very interesting. It will be fun to see how the arrangers approach the source material in their own unique ways. As for the band playing "ah ole tune" people always complain that today's music is too simplistic so there's that. And then there are five other bands, two other bands that dropped out, bands making major changes in arrangers, etc etc - not much to discuss indeed!

Noah, as far as I am concerned, the best music to my ears is that those Kids and Steel Xplosion are on that stage in NY13. Congrats to ALL. This is Very Good for Pan!!  Long live the sweet sound of SteelPan!

Noah, we will never see 3 bands playing the same tune run 1-2-3, which means that the judges tend to choose the best of the lot,   It is my opinion that you stand a better chance when you play something that no other band is playing, I learnt  this from Ray Holman and Junior Pouchet.

Nothing new about this, Cecil. There have been many occasions when multiple bands played the same tune for a Panorama Final. Almost like a test piece.

Off the top of my head , I can recall Renegades and Despers placing first and second with the same tune, Kitch's "Pan Night and Day".

And I'm pretty sure that at least on one other occasion two of the top three bands  played the same tune.

Of course, you're correct, though. The probably of three bands playing the same tune and placing 1-2-3 are pretty slim.

Was now talking to a friend I don't  want believe this is true but was told that some one Stole Crossfire pan racks. Find that hard to believe.

Arthur, it was really nice to see that when PanPeople  spoke someone listen.

I hope to be in the panorama next week and will like to meet with other old pan people and shoot the breeze, lets see if we can make it happen.

After contacting officials of both WIADCA and USSA this afternoon, When Steel Talks has received statements from both organizations, that as of this date and time, there are no plans for Steel X Plosion to participate in the 2013 New York Panorama, either as a guest artist, or as a competitor in the event.


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