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New York Steel Orchestras to WIADCA - Pay Up In Full, Or No 2017 Panorama

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New York, USA - While WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) continues to ‘live large,’ the New York Pan community struggles for survival. The long, abusive relationship between New York Pan and WIADCA (the Panorama organizers) - has come to a head. The New Pan community is seeing red, and they’ve got Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” on repeat.

Enough is enough. New York Steel Orchestras have finally, it seems, decided to stand up for themselves - at least at the time of this piece. Ten steel orchestras participated in the 2016 steelband Panorama organized and hosted by W.I.A.D.C.A. (West Indian American Day Carnival Association). The three top-placing bands: the champions D’Radoes, Pan Evolution and CrossFire have only been given half of their respective prize monies, but never received the second portion. The prize amounts were USD $20,000.00, $15,000.00 and $10,000.00, respectively.
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this has been happening for years even during Lezama time. Remember when there were 2 Panoramas some years ago. One group of bands boycotted WIADCA and went with another organization.Let's see how it pans out. I wish them all the best. However it's time the pan fraternity make some progress and demand respect from organisers worldwide. Here in T&T it is alledged that the CARNIVAL product brings in 600000 million US annually. 30% of that should be given to the main stakeholders,Pan,Mas & Kaiso,10% each.There are no steelbands nor calypsonians on our local tv stations duringthe year,our children do not know about their musical heritage,they don't dance to pan music,steelbands are out of the mas picture almost totally,as somebody said recently pan will die with our generation

This seems to be a chronic pattern with WIADCA over the years, and it is incredible. In the "great" state of New York?

And they appear to be getting away with 'bad payment' behavior to the steel orchestras over a period of time. How is a competition held, and the money not be available for the winners of an advertised competition?  One year later?  Was/is the prize money not there before the show?  WIADCA is selling tickets for the Panorama so do they have the money for the 2017 competition to pay the winners?

At a minimum finances are not being managed properly by this organization, something is very wrong.

I cannot say I can bring to mind any competition that would be run like this.  And while I'm at it, if it truly exists, why the HELL do the steelbands keep going back to this type of situation???? 

And now if they somehow manage to quickly pay off what is owed from 2016 because of this bad publicity and the bands go to Panorama, what happens for the 2017 prize money? Will WIADCA have problems paying out again?

At this point, I would suggest that Governor Andrew Cuomo order a forensic audit, immediately, for at LEAST the last twenty years or so.  Not only money from "sponsors" but NY State funds are probably involved with this organization. This is ridiculous.

You got this right. The Governor must step in and investigate WIADCA.  They are bad people. Who just like Rolly Polly in Trinidad are abusing the Brooklyn pan players. Teefing the children Christmas money. They are noting but gangstas.


I agree with you they will some how find away to pay them just to not look bad but they will be right back to this point again next year, something most be really wrong, the city states that they get millions in sponsors and how much money labor day brings in so it isnt even taking 200,000 thousand to pay the steel bands, I say no panorama all bands need to take a stand for what is right.

Grenada stanup, New York stanup and the Mecca sittin' dong. The same crap happens in T&T. Nobody gives a damn about panman no place. The "Pan" stands alone.....a solitary figure...........go figure.

Sorry to say but year after year been the same thing, I will have to see it to believe it with my two eyes, them bands in N.Y  still not getting all their money and will still play next Saturday even if it is 2-3 bands. Years they  getting this treatment and taking it how much months these bands know they aint get pay so why even entertain them in all of this, every meeting should have been where is the money owe and when we picking up. No band should take part in the panorama cause they may get their money and next year we will be right back at when we getting paid again!!!  

Where does the WIADCA get the money from to pay prizes? Time has come to separate the Steelbands from WIACA.

The "City" CH, and this is not the first time this has happened either...

WIADCA!.I am sure that you heard what the Grand Master said.Steel Band Men Have Women to mind Too.

So pay the bands and stop  the crap,You all are the only one smart and need money.

Give dem some of dah money you have nah " SHANE"???

Trini panmen have not been paid for Panorama 2017....yet...and allyuh gone New York. WIADCA?? How 'bout NCC and/or PanTrinbago??

In other words them pan men are the ones to blame cause they staying and taking the treatment!


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