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nGC Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra showed Trinidad and Tobago who is Boss.

NGC Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra showed Trinidad and Tobago who is Boss.


By Aquil Arrindell


Keith Byer, the next president of Pan Trinbago and I, after campaigning at a cottage meeting, went to a pan show. The event called Titans of Steel #5, hosted by Richard Scion, leader of Joylanders, was held in central. Around 9, I stood for a while outside speaking to a friend who is one of the beauties in pan (in my opinion). After which, I entered the show and immediately some bandleaders greeted Mr. Byer. He introduced me as his running mate and the ‘pan politics’ conversation started. However, I kept zoning out because the band that was playing was not allowing me to stay uninterested.


Invaders, one of my favourite stage side bands was, as usual, on the button. Excellent tune selection and always they have a kind of synchronization when they dance. Invaders’ captain Desiree Meyers, always smiling and animated behind the cellos, makes me miss playing those pans. Then there was Pamberi and everyone who knows them knows that they will be entertained. Their players are all good at improvisation so, as expected, the band’s volume dropped and they started to ‘buss out’ with their solos, much to the pleasure of their audience. One of the featured soloists was cello player and after watching him I again got cello tabanca.


Is all about that bass. Two ladies, doubling all their bass notes without missing a beat, were not only remarkable but breathless. They were playing with the legendary Desperadoes. Desperadoes that night was just being Desperadoes. One of the greatest steelbands in the world playing songs by one the greatest steelpan arrangers who ever lived, Clive Bradly. As expected, they had the crowd shouting for more. A man in the audience said “Rebecca” and the band struck it up, then there were hands in the air and feet started to march. And when they finished, a little drizzle from the heavens told us it was time to go home. Joylanders was not having it, they told the rain with their music “the show isn’t over till the fat lady sings” and the rain gave way.

They brought it home. The best I have ever heard them and they are always of a high standard. They raised the bar that night not only for themselves but all the bands playing alongside them in any event. This is the way I would describe their performance… mash up, mash up, mash up, mash up, mash up.


I missed Siparia Diatonic and Steel Xplosion’s performances but from all reports they both set the tone with highly energetic performances. We needed more people to attend these shows and I do hope, God spare life, next year we would all come out and support. TITANS OF STEEL #6, I can’t wait.


Aquil Arrindell

Member of team P.A.N.   



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Aquil: If you CANNOT BRING your PRESIDENT on THIS FORUM to do some QUESTIONS and ANSWERS from ME and BUGS -- then I cannot support YOUR TEAM and I staying with KERON VALENTINE FOR PRESIDENT!!!


Yuh hear meh BEVERLEY?

When yuh bringing BYER?

pal, this is a beautiful event and you talking pan politic. 

Man does go in FUNERAL and TALK POLITICS and yuh want to point finger at me. I talking POLITICS NIGHT AND DAY on THIS FORUM until the ELECTION DONE. And if BEVERLEY WIN -- I gone about my business and making BIG BACCHANAL about all the GOVERNMENT SPONSORED CRIME down in the MECCA!!!

odw.... help me here. 


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