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No more dreams about PAN IN RUSSIA -- Like PAN IN GERMANY!!!

"Spectacular" OWN GOAL ends Russian Dream!!! That coach was not qualified to be a coach, anyway. So that was a FITTING ENDING.

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Hi Claude

Pan already hit Russia. Check out Melodians UK website www.melodiansuk.co.uk and you will see and hear us performing in Kazakhstan/Dagestan and Moscow. Our most recent posting is a performance in Pyongyang North Korea.

Terry Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK

Please don't blame the coach,T&T problem is they don't have a keeper,

That keeper is no good,Every game he played he made then lost.

Prove me wrong next two games, put somebody else to in his place,You will see what I mean.

No one seem to remember the words or Leo Benhackker when Trinidad returned from Germany. "We were lucky to reach where we reached, we just do not have the skills to play at that level." It is not about goalkeeper or coach.


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