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GOR TT GET CA UGHT STEALING S.N. S.E ‘S BIG TENOR PAN, Brian Copeland his G-Pan,,, Time to stop the ABUSE of Pan men/Women, Donald Trump own 24 % share of the 4ths & 5ths technology since 1996 before he became President...
The GOR TT woe ‘s S.N. S. E (St James North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise) aka Pan
Am North Stars, $7.5 billion U.S dollars in triplicate, that equal’s = $22.5 billion U.S. dollars, VIA the willful deliberate plagiarize infringement, criminal conspiracy, and money laundering, Breaching Violating SNSE’s already registered International Design Patent, the (circle of 4ths & 5ths also a U.S. Copyrighted technology, Copyrighted through the U.S. Library of Congress Washington D. C. where Claim CV2014-00079 was filed and served in T& T January 9th 2014, by SNSE Chairman/CEO, where the GORTT and their assignee Brian R. Copeland defendant failed to file a “Defense” within 28 days as ordered by the High Court of JUSTICE, a violation of the procedural process, a rule of law, but instead, later filed “FORM3A. Application to pay by installment because they cannot afford to pay the whole amount in one lump sum”, a clear admission of guilt then proceeded to dismiss the claim, “Obstruction of Justice, the Right to equality before the law “, another violation of the 7th Constitution of T& T NOW!!!
Where our “SHARE HOLDERS and OWNERS needs to be paid...

The GORTT claims that they research create and owns the “genesis first of its kind G-pan “, THIS IS NOT TRUE, IT IS A LIE, the said Genesis alleged 1st of it’s kind G-pan happens to be Pan Am North stars “BIG TENOR PAN”, you can hear them in the 1970 “Ivomy and Steel” album recording, research by Leslie Michael Jordan in 1964, which technology was designed in 1949 by Anthony Williams, before the GORTT assignee “plagiarist one who takes someone elses work as his own, before he Brian R. Copeland was ever born, their motive/objective???
to launder $90.. 9 million U.S. dollars
from T& T treasury, and patenting their infringe find in the U.S, but
What they the GORTT do not know or is aware of is, the now U,S. President Donald J. Trump owns 24% share of S.N.S.E’s (aka) Pan
Am North stars “circle of 4ths 5ths and chromatic 6ths U.S. Copyrighted technology on their steel drum musical instruments/tenor pan”, that they “Plagiarized”, before he became President, it ‘s amazing how things turn ‘s out, I never expected him to be President, not in a million year, they lost the Law Suit claim, there’s no crime without motive and opportunity, and they've had both, I’ve liaison with the “White House Staff’ last week, and of course they assured me the President share holder will want his “Redress/Share” as well, I was also advised that the President owns shares in 2 T& T oil companies, A&B being one of them...


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