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Revisted - No Pan on TV - 50 Panoramas Later in Trinidad and Tobago --- “A Public Flogging!!”

Global - In the now classic Panorama tune “Band From Space” by Amrit Samaroo, the ‘aliens’ revealed that they learned everything about Pan from monitoring TTT (Trinidad & Tobago Television, the former incarnation of the government’s television station) on their intergalactic television sets. Sadly for our ‘green friends’ from out-of-space, in this pinnacle year celebrating the annual Panorama competition - there was no television signal to monitor, galactically, internationally or locally this past Panorama semi finals.

Ironically this year, 2013, is supposed to be the acknowledgement and celebration of 50 years of steel orchestra Panorama competitions in Trinidad & Tobago, the “home of Steelpan.”
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There should be some sort of communication from the President of Pan Trinbago to the public of Trinidad and Tobago as to the reason/s for this stream not taking place.

Diaz is the one who nixed the deal. He tried to extort more money from the broadcast network than was reasonable and they told him to take a walk. But my theory is that by not relaying the show on TV he was forcing patrons to come to the GREENS and build his pot.

Beyond ridiculous! The politics of carnival has become increasingly scandalous as the money grab continues. At least I was able to listen on WACK. Pan Trinbago needs to be replaced at the maximum or reorganized at the minimum.


There are several factors which result in this predicament

(1) There is still some post colonial mentality hanging around the upper circles

(2) There is still a 'Ghetto -Stigma' lingering around the Pan circle

(3) Lack of effective leadership in the Pan Fraternity ( not enough  people with degrees) resulting in minimum confidence and respect.in the leadership.

(4) Disrespect for the culture still abounds ..because it is still perceived as only a seasonal venture.


However it is one thing to criticize ...but what are possible solutions.

(1), (2) and (4), will change when there are higher ;learned intellectuals who are genuine to the cause like any other 'Pan man', or  'Pan woman' . .Intellectuals who will initiate plans for year round programs, taking into account all marketing strategies including benefits from live panorama broadcasts. "Pay Per View" ..but of course  easier said than done...it is why intellectuals are needed in this 21st century.

We have to encourage our younger people to strive towards higher academic knowledge so that in the future better capable leaders will emerge. Everything  will change in time but a catalyst makes it happen faster  the younger people could be the catalyst if they are encouraged to pursue this line of thinking.

In the meantime we still have to push our present leadership, by not just being critical of them (of course be critical) but offer solutions also.



I totally agree with you,we all should have possitive thoughts about this wonderful instrument .

Absolutely agree with points 1-4, especially #3. There are pan ppl with degrees and experience in the field of business/finance/accounting/management. Ray Holman for Pan prez.

I have been intersted in pan music..about only the last 10 years..because I lacked exposure to it, since I am American. However, as I became exposed, I sought it out in all ways I could, and have wanted to learn more, of course about Panorama in Trinidad..  I have greatly benefited from this website, WST, and often comment, but I have always been hesitant to criticize official organizations, like PanTrinbago or the goverment of TnT.

Now, I would like to speak out  publicly  and say that it is extremely short-sighted to not use ALL MEDIA possible to showcase steel pan music.  NOT to especially not to broadcast Panorama live on television, both domestically and internationally is tragic.

Steel pan has already 'gone global' and therre are revenue dollars to be made in broadcast of Panorama. I, for one, am beggin to see and hear Panorama this year and every year on live broadcast and willing of course to pay for it.

Whatever the issues are...find solutions and JUST DO IT !

I myself am an american citizen, and at this young age of 64, I was introduced to pan by a staff member of ministry of Arts and Multiculturisim. I enrolled in the pan school of The Great N G C Couva Joylanders, and today I am  and was given the privilage to play with them in 2013 panorama. You could say that I am officially a 'TRINI', . With this great historical culture of 'PAN' even non-Trini experience and taste true beauty in music. For the FUTURE  and the PRESERVATION of the  culture 'Keep Politics Out'. Thats all I have to say on the subject. The " CHILDREN (future leaders) are  'WATCHING",


What a disgrace and indeed, a tragedy of tremendous proportions. Imagine this happening in "The Land of Pan" in a watershed year of competition involving the national instrument.

Hope this wrong can be righted and Let the Show Go On......How can the Panorama go international when it cannot even be aired nationally....Shame, Shame, Shame




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