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It is really pathetic that in this day and age, Pan Trinbago has not introduced a form of online stream for the millions of foreigners and Trinidadians away from Trinidad.
Single Pan is no less a Pan and as such should have just as much recognition as the Medium and Large Conventional steel bands.

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I agree Martin.

I totally agree.

This has never been more than curiosity value to Pan Trinbago. I remember one time in a meeting a Pan Trinbago Executive from the Northern Region saying that he does not know why all Single Pan sides do not become conventional, that was after the band that he represented became conventional after having been a Single Pan side for some years. 

I am of the opinion that when you live in the Mecca you don't have the slightest clue of what it means to those of us in foreign to share with events that's happening at present.


Arthur, Diaz is like a bad cold we cyah get rid of him, what do we do in the mean time?


The WST people might not  be in agreement with this.

Diaz is taking full advantage of a silly rule in PT constitution which give all bands 2 votes.

As it is today only an act of GOD could remove him.


That's what it will take to remove him, it's going on two years they trying to remove the guy, when man come up short yuh have to call on spirit.

I would no be surprised if non of the Pan shows are streamed live!

Cecil....He can be removed by the Pan Men… they just need to vote someone else in. if that does not work boycott the pan Trinbago and let a private consortium take over like what happened with Soca Monarch and Prestige Holdings

Straight up Mr A W Traverso let thine will be done,,i at least as a WST member do support. this move.

ARTHUR, I don't think you can blame Mr Diaz for old tune selection by these youngsters. Boogsie and Ray, don't put up with crap, encourage the youth to follow their footsteps and not complain about pan trinbago.  Make good music and you will be respected. Tell me, you believe Mr Diaz could advise Ray with his tune 'The Wedding' 2014 composition. Yes, pan people have power, SHOW IT.


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