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National Festivals Minister Daryll Matthew believes there may be some other reason for the boycott of panorama by the Pan Association other monies outstanding.

Matthew said that he first heard of the boycott in the news and via a WhatsApp message.

As of 6 July, 2018, the Association was owed a remaining $130,000 of the $320,000 due to it by the Commission at the start of the year.

In a press release issued by the Pan Association, they indicated that, “Initial dialogue with the national Festivals Commission centered around both the outstanding payment of monies owed to the ABPA for carnival 2017 and some conditions of the carnival stagewhich were not particularly conducive to high-quality sound.”

The letter goes on to say that, “While the concerns that were raised about the stage are being presently addressed and alternative arrangements being considered, the lack of payment of outstanding monies has now become a major issue.”

The Minister indicated, however, that the balance owed to the association was paid in full by the end of business today.

“I am told by my chairman that the payment was, in fact, made earlier this afternoon and so I am really surprised that the issue for the purported pull-out and boycott of panorama this year is because of non-payment.”

The payment was made in two different installments consisting of $50,000 made early in the morning with the remaining $80,000 paid in the afternoon which settled the amount outstanding.

The final cheque was received by Pan Association president Patrick “Stone” Johnson.

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Well dem ANTIGUA PAN MEN was always ahead ah TRINIDAD PAN MEN administratively since the late nineteen forties, anyway. (Check the history!!!)

TRINIDAD PAN MEN so beholden to the PNM they cannot even BLUFF A STRIKE!!!



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