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This is the BIGGEST BOOGSIE FORUM in the world and everybody watched the MUSICAL GENIUS  slip to 7th and 8th in the last two PANORAMAS -- yet utter silence.

What kinda ah love is that?

Don't tell me that THE BOOGSIE FAITHFUL JUMP SHIP and gone with RENEGADES and DUVONE!!!

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Enerybody loves a winner, Duvone won. Boogsie has to win to  re establish himself as King of the Hill.


Too much Duvone this year. Personally I had Phase 2 in 4th place.  Let's give the other bands credit. They really stepped up this year.


I too am a Boogsie faithful, but that finals Phase II placing was CORRECT.

After their last two years Phase ll has some serious soul searching to do, they cannot afford to place outta the first 5 in 2019. This means pressure for Boogsie in 2019, will he go back to composing his own music or do a Soca tune is the rock and hard place he'll be between, I wish him all the best.

I am actually intrigued by the "BOOGSIE DIP" in the PANORAMA PLACINGS. It would be great for somebody to do an extended interview with him so that we can hear what he has to say. I have to go back and listen to his "HELLO" again one of these days out of the heat of PANORAMA PASSION. But I thought that I really liked what I heard and the direction of the music.

If allyuh ever hear that I gone mad is because THIS FORUM make meh listen to TOO MUCH PAN. I feel like a teetotaller in a RUMS SHOP on this site!!!

Claude Gonzales , for such an astute observer of the pan scene , you surprise me !

Have you not noticed that our infatuation with arrangers tend to be cyclical?

For example , you may remember that Jit Samaroo stopped winning panoramas , even without any noticeable decline in his production.

We may remember Jit and Bradley as geniuses , but who knows? Even Bradley may have fallen out of favor after a while if he hadn't passed.

These arrangers have their styles , and I'm afraid some of us , including the judges need a change of styles , from time to time.

It may now be happening to Boogsie .

And Smooth. !


Great question! And forgive me for taking so long to respond to it...

Musical genius does not diminish with age. For example: the aged Cuban gentlemen of The Buena Vista Social Club made a "come-back" when they were in their 80s; Calypso Rose is still making hits; Lord Nelson can still command an audience; Lord Kitchener's last hit, "Toco Band", was among some of his best ever; etc. During my years living in New Orleans, I was always amazed at some of the older performers -- in all genres -- who were as sharp as ever, sometimes yards better than the in-favor new kids on the block, e.g. Bobby Bland, Nancy Wilson, Etta James, Hugh Masakela (who visited once, and completely outshone and outclassed Wyclef Jean, who was hot at the time and performed just before Masakela got on stage), among many others. As a matter of fact there is a concert circuit focusing on some of these older performers whose music never goes out of style, --at least for the "baby-boomer" generation, -- and who somehow never disappoint, especially when they perform their old hits.

Therefore, Boogsie is  well able to bounce back. He is also one of those geniuses that never was predictable, like Jit became. Stylistically, his output has been all over the place, his genius bubbling over in all kinds of ways, ranging from extremes of jazz on one side, to classical on the other, and in many ways enlarging the "center" of the Panorama art form. He has certainly influenced some of the younger arrangers, Arddin Herbert for sure, and Duvonne Stewart also.

Lately, Boogsie has been trying to make his music more sweet than spicy, decidedly so in the year he did and won with "More Love", and deservedly. But he was at his most exciting when he was more hot than sweet, more wrathful than peaceful, more hungry with something to prove, than well honored with all sorts of accolades to his credit. Boogsie appears to me to have allowed himself to fall into a rut ... that of the gifted artist with nothing left to prove either to himself or his public.

In that sort of situation, the artist's muse is apt to desert him, especially if he allows into his circle people who are ultimately an energy drain, rather than an inspiration. Only Boogsie can shake Boogsie out of an artistic rut.

But it should help for him to have been so comprehensively beaten by another genius on the block. Boogsie was always very competitive. If he takes up the challenge, his muse may return. With what result. who knows?

Let us see what happens in 2019. I certainly will look forward. And I think we all can hope that he takes up the challenge. If he does, expect artistic sparks to fly...

-Big Sid

P.S. Almost the same analysis applies also to Smooth, especially the parts about relishing competition, and about having nothing left to prove...

P.P.S. I agree with Glenroy re Jit. The arranger that hits on a "formula" will find he will have to vary the formula after a while, otherwise he might bore himself to death with it, ... along with everybody else. Boogsie doesn't have that  particular problem I don't think.

Next year will be the most important of Boogsie career .


Certainly he has a challenge to face... He has seemed to me tired. I hope his health permits him to rise to the challenge...

-Big Sid


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