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Cecil tell meh to forget the $500 and move on!!! But dem fellahs make noise in KEITH DIAZ MEETING complaining about that measly $500. However, dey barking up the wrong tree. They should be marching against DOCTOR DOLLY -- she was complicit in the RIP OFF.

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To fight for $500 now, or negotiate for $1000 next year? that's the question. to me at least.

Dolly owe them $500 for 2017 and they need a guarantee of $1000 for 2018. Gregory and Aquil really pushing the fight but they do not understand the politics. They need to expand the political playing field and you don't need all that NOISE to do that; it is true that they are boxed-in politically but they have to take some risks.

KEITH DIAZ cannot continue to be the PRIMARY TARGET. How many years have we seen wannabe leaders target him and accomplish nothing. They have to expand the political playing field.

If I'm not mistaken, someone sign-off on that $500 for players somewhere I can't remember, lets just suppose Diaz call their bluff and say no panorama, what then?

A.  Political science professors in the U.S. continually teach their students that 1) Congress controls the purse strings and 2) that whatever Congress gives it can take away.  The same is true for any government, including the government of T&T.  

B.  Since panorama is the protesters stated purpose, what if there is no panorama.  Arguably there will be no spoils to fight for.  Who wins- who loses- who gets respect?

C. Every year steelbands close their panyards to supporters and play for their sponsors.  Why can't they do that every night, charging an entrance fee to attend rehearsals to obtain money to  pay the players and give them "RESPECT".  The NY Philharmonic, for example, charges $22 plus a $3 ticket fee to attend its rehearsals and although they are not part time musicians, they get all the respect they need.  https://nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/explore/open-rehearsals

BTW- what happens to the prize monies and appearance fee each band gets.  Is that distributed equitably to the people who are protesting?

D.  Here's an example.  One of my friends, a former captain of Trinidad All Stars, has a small band.  I attended a fundraiser he had for his band during the carnival season.  There weren't even 10 paying people.  But if they were playing for free, I'm sure it would have been much different.

Conclusion- Sad but true, from colonialism to independence and in the post-independence stage in Trinidad, the people continue to depend on government in every aspect of their lives.    It's clear that when the government branded the steelpan, the national instrument of T&T, it was not creating an entitlement.

First of all, this bacchanal is going to go on for months with shifting tides and course changes like IRMA. For example, Gregory and Aquil were fighting KEITH DIAZ long before the $500 issue came up. But to answer your question directly: KEITH DIAZ cannot call their bluff and say NO PANORAMA simply because PANORAMA is where ALL HIS MONEY comes from. 18 million in PRIZE MONEY this year and he gets 1.8 million. He gets another $500,000 to produce the show. He gets money from sponsors who support and advertise at the show and he steals some of that money off the top. He scalps tickets to the show. He gets kickbacks from contractors who provide services at the show. Need I go on?

So he needs the show more than the PAN MEN. And what if there is NO PANORAMA? The world does not end! Maybe the PAN MEN learn 5 tunes and come out on the ROAD FOR CARNIVAL as a PROTEST against PAN TRINBAGO.

At this point Aquil and Gregory Lindsay have made their case clear and public enough to call a meeting with Doctor Dolly or Dr. Rowley and reconfigure the PANORAMA PLAYING FIELD. I like the PASSION and STICKTOITIVENESS that Gregory Lindsay is showing in the battle; but it cannot just be protesting and shouting; it has to include some political maneuvering -- a skill which they are lacking in gravely mostly out of fear of falling out of the GIMME GIMME LINE.

Like the man said "PURPOSE", not opinions. And all the shouters lining up to play for panorama 2018, $500, $1000 or nutten at all. Like the other man say "trini like to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.
Not one shouter putting down dey sticks come 2018. Dis is T&T, not Grenada.

Their "PURPOSE" is to PLAY IN PANORAMA and that is what they do!!! Listen to the lyrics of this calypso by Kitchener (very very carefully) and transpose the concept to a PAN FEVER to PLAY IN PANORAMA and you could measure the passion and know why DEY BONG TO PLAY.

There all in it together Mi Amigo, from back in 2010 with Marlene Mc Donald and the $32 million for Pan, $32 for Mas, and $32 for Calypsonians, out of the pie of $122 million.allotted in 2010, and that money has doubled, even tripled by now.....

So what is the "BIG FIVE" saying/doing???

Patrick: Panorama starting  in the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY this year -- yuh know. So the BIG 5 have to start practicing real soon. Speaking from a political perspective based on what I saw last year, if the PAN PLAYERS went to the negotiating table and asked for $1500 PER PLAYER in 2018 -- I am sure that they could get it. But they don't understand the politics beyond 350,000 ah dem voting for the same party every election and expecting to see some return on the votevestment.

hey alyuh know i have a crush on Dr. D. doh tell me she in that nah. like alyuh try to spoil my month or what.


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