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"NO SUPPORT FOR CUT IN PAN PRIZE MONEY" -- South Man against South Man; Beverley have everybody fighting against everybody!!!

Newsday January 11, 2019 Yvonne Webb

SAN Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello does not support the suggestion by captain of San City Steel Orchestra Aquil Arrindell to cut Panorama prize money so players could receive a stipend.

He said to get from preliminary to final stages, a large band’s budget is beyond $500,000.

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50 years ago Junior Regrello, had hair on his head,....50 years later no hair...he is still a good looking fella. His band and his struggle does not even begin to mimic unsponsored bands in this realm in 2019...CAL powers Skiffle, and dem eating dat food, give thanks fuh dat so he could afford to make such spurious comments against Arrindell's position.....Hold yuh corner Mr. Mayor....you know where yuh band food coming from...unlike many unsponsored bands in this time...ah go leave it dere


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