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This forum frustrates me. What do STEELDRUMS and STEELBANDS do? They make music!!! Yet, this forum refuses to discuss PAN MUSIC outside of PANORAMA. Instead, we want to go back to the SIXTIES to PUSH PAN ON THE ROAD.

We have an INTERNATIONAL MARKET for PAN MUSIC yet nobody wants to exploit it. Instead, we are HELL BENT on stretching hands to the GOVERNMENT to subsidize and subsidize until dey gone broke and have to go to the IMF.

I don't get it!

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Excellent topic. I eh taking orn no pan rollin talk. To me when all ah dem pass they rollin, some on trailer and on float.Claude I like this new topic, let's "roll" with that.

Yes, so let's talk music. Has any steelband made a CD since 2005? I don't think so.
So even if we keep the talk to music, we still have to look back.
Go on to any music download site and all you see is old music. Even Boogsie shelved his World Music CD with Phase II.
So when are bands going to record anything new? I'm still waiting.

WST has apparently stopped releasing New York panorama CDs. The whole interactive/participation crap has left people expecting a DVD. The sound reproduction on DVDs are inferior. The general public nowadays expect a visual offering. Why? I don't know. when last did anyone just sit and listen?

I play cds and mp3s in my car on the way to and from work. In fact just about anywhere I go. They tell us times have changed but to be quite frank I think it's people who have changed. It appears no one makes time to relax and enjoy anything. And when they do, it must be fed to them in its simplest form. Don't ask them to appreciate anything without seeing it.

So Claude I would love to discuss music but as I say, there is nothing new to listen to.

Randi Curvan

From a commercial stand point, one must ask the question; how much are we willing to pay for a good steelband CD? US$30 US$50?
I'll pay as much as US$100. I'm talking at least 10 tracks of different genres. Well recorded and produced. Then there is availability in the market place. Will a studio press 100000 CDs? How many would need to be sold to pay the studio, the band and make a tidy profit for both? Even US$100 may not be enough
I guess it would not cover the cost of taking a stage side to the studio. Spending several hours over a month or so to get it right.

It has to be the stage side because we all know that the full complement only know the panorama tune. Come to think of it that's probably why they only need 2 floats on carnival days. The full complement would not have an unlimited repertoire to play around town.

So okay folks how many of you are willing to put your money where your mouth is to pay big bucks for new music?

Randi Curvan.

Randi.... you make a good point my friend. There is absolutely no "new music" coming from the steelband yards, and since everything is now available on You Tube, no one is buying records or cd's anymore. If you listen to any show on steelband music, either on radio or the internet, you still hear tunes of the old days of pan, nothing new. Also, as you mentioned, the sound quality is inferior and the video quality is poor. If you want people to buy your music, then start by putting out something exceptional, not half assed Panorama tunes that we only hear once a year.May as well be listening to the Laventille Rhythm Section play music by candlelight.

Pan Music outside of Panorama is non-existent. Has always been. What's there to discuss? Where is this int'l market for pan music? If there is, then the Japanese and Andy Narell are the suppliers.
Isn't it human nature to continue stretching hands out, if somebody keeps putting stuff in it? Personally, I think that the gov't should not subsidize the industry. How long should they keep propping up the thing?
How many people are in "PAN" just for the love of it? Where does one find a panorama cd after carnival? Given all of that, it would not be a bad idea to push pan back into the sixties.........and leave it there.

patrick ramdoo,  push pan back onto the sixties and leave it there is the best suggestion I've ever heard in the forum. Those that was responsible for seeing that it remain relevant to the times went to sleep, now the only account they could give is "it dead"

From Merrytones “Souvenirs In Steel” album.

The Merriest Of Dancing Music by The Merritones Steel Orchestra

The secret of Steel Band Music is in its new and tremendous contribution to dancing music. To dance to Steel Band Orchestra is to participate in a NEW experience in BOUNCE and exotic warmth.

Ellie Mannette & Invaders - Wizards of the Steel Drum 2

Tracks: 1.Softly Awakes My Heart, 2. I'll See You In My Dreams 3. Swan. 4. Beats There A Heart So True, 5. Ray Saga.

Personnel: Ellie Mannette -- cellos; Emanuel "Cobo Jack" Riley, Clyde Boothman & Winston Phillip -- tenor pans;Ray Holman (doubling on tenor), Errol Zephyrine & Clayton Green -- double altos; Sidney Joseph, Ancil Joseph & Bailey Jaggernauth -- double guitars; Trevor Charles- bass; Oswald Best -- maracas; Irwin Ross- tumbas; Leno Rogers -- cymbals; Kenrick Smith -- bongos...


Found one track from the album...

I have to say in all the years being in this forum for lovers of pan I have sold one yes one Cd this speaks volumes of were pan reach and how it is supported by members of the largest internet site for pan lovers globally.
Don't worry I am not complaining just highlighting another point for thought

May be it has more to do with your marketing strategy; the assumption that 15K plus members of this forum will or should buy your CDs is unrealistic.

Much respect to you for your commitment and work in the industry, the awards are evidence of your dedication to promoting PAN. You being a professional musician, I'm sure you know how this business works. Is there a Link to to your website?


I totally agree with you. It's all about marketing. In this case WST has successfully brought a large number of people with a shared interest to one spot where everyone has equal access to them. The inability to sell a message or product to them is not a reflection on the people. It is rather a reflection on the production, business, marketing skills or budget to make a successful enterprise.



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