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Mr Anthony Williams should be nominated for a Nobel prize in Physics because of important factors The calculation of the cycle of fifth into to an actual instrument. using maths, physics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, geometry PAN IS SCIENCE TOO!

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the Physics Prize has been awarded for both pioneering discoveries and groundbreaking inventions, dose Anthony Williams qualify. He did something not even the Father of maths had done.
Please understand that this muscal theory existed since Pythgoras, but there was never an instrument made before Mr Williams put that theory onto the surface of a Steel Drum. Please note the construction of the Pianos, Guitars, Horns, Harps or ...any other musical instruments though they all plays the cycle of 4th and 5ths as intervals, none is configured in the shape of the circle. Obviously, William made a pioneering descovery and a groundbreaking invention for future generations.
That is so true. Anthony Williams made a remarkable achievement when he actually applied the circle of fourth and fifths to the steel drum. That was a stroke of genius.
Uh - the Peace Prize is for contributing to world peace. Maybe the Nobel Prize for Physics?
I get the point I brother Pan Styxx-Hameed is trying to make, and I also agree that it should be Physics. Then, we will have to include Bertie Marshall for his pioneering work in Harmonics. Remember that ground-breaking breakthrough of tonal quality that brought Pan forward, and is still in existence today...the revolutionizing of tuning. Remember the double-tenor? Ask Spongy-Cordell Barbour about it. Ask Ellie Mannette and others how amazed they were at the sound/tone.   Blessed Love. Ras Rico I SELASSIE I

Yes, Bertie Marshall should definitely be in line for some kind of award for initiating the use of harmonics in pan tuning



Hello Hameed,


This is a great idea for discussion, and I'm all for it. However, this could be a lifetime feat for those seeking his nomination, and this would also enhance the advocators'(a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea) commitment to steelpan and augment his/her Curriculum Vitae. The nomination process is extremely intensive for a Nobel Prize in Physics, and requires committed high-level advocating work, but it is possible to accomplish this goal. I have started a basic researched and provided some preliminary information here for those of us who would like to take up such a challenge to advocate for Mr. Tony Williams, O.R.T.T. at the required nominator's level. Have a good day and also a good read below. For those who may be interested in participating in such idea, I recommend doing some additional research to prepare yourselves for an intellectual experience "par excellence". Remember talk is cheap.


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I believe participation by the nationals of Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean diaspora and the non-Caribbean "International Steelpan Collective" has a leading role to play in such an endeavour to achieve the resultant nomination.

Thanks for the guidance and vision. I hope that Steel Pan Organizations with the help of PanTrinbago will move forwad on this long but worthy journey. 
The Nobel Physic prize states in recent years, "pioneering discovery and groundbreaking inventions" are considered. For far too long the serious work of our pioneers has been denied their international recognition . Steel Pan inventor and innovators such as Anthony Williams have contributed to a totally new form of the Orchestral instruments. For generations, Wind and Strings were the main form of this format of music. Today we can expirence a Steel Ochestra playing classical music as the tradional ochestras.


Who could be more deserving, especially given the global reach and global sympathy for the instrument, as well as the rcognition that it originated in T&T?  The 4ths-and-fifths format is indeed unique to the low tenor -- no other instrument as clearly illustrates this novel and fundamental musical concept.




!Physics Prize for Mr Anthony Williams for his pioneering descovery and grounding invention of the cycle of fifth steel Pan Instrument.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I so pleased that this opportunity...and i whole heartedly believe it to be an opportunity, to launch a normanation process, inviting the submissions of potential norminees be to reserached and examined for their contributions to the movement of steelpan, please note I said, The Movement of Steelpan and not the Steelpan Movement.

I Would like, if I may, humblely do so submit a name to the mix, Mr. James-Baseman-Jackman, considered by some of his peers as Ledendary. His contribution to the movement of The Steelpan falls in the Advancement of the insturment.

If you have a name, submit, the more names submitted to be reserached, the more legitimate the results.

Welcome all comments opinions and suggustions


Thank Steelpan Lovers






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