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From the responses to our “Big Question” in yesterday’s edition of the Express, there are mixed views on the decision of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) not to continue with the construction of the North Stand, the iconic facility set up in the Queen’s Park Savannah each Carnival.

First coming to prominence as a symbol of the anti-establishment in the 1960s and ‘70s the venue was the place to be, primarily for pan lovers and calypso aficionados. Calypsonians, including Explainer (Winston Henry), popularised it in song, with the notion that this was the crowd to please, if you were to have any chance at the Calypso Monarch competition.

For the Steelband Panorama semi-finals, a North-Stand ticket was a must have for fete and fun lovers, thousands of whom flocked to the venue for the excitement, the revelry, the all-inclusive limes organised by entrepreneurial organisers. The actual performances on-stage often took second place to the rhythm sections which proliferated in its heyday. Posses came from all over the country, some emerging from workplace groupings and others from like-minded community folk, wanting the best Savannah party possible.

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  • Put up a permanent structure.  Why do you have to break it down every year. If that will be an issue why not use other facilities like the Stadiums we not making full use off.

    • Very good point. I also do not understand why they go through the expense of dismantling and rebuilding it every year especially when every other year there are concerns about the structural stability of it.

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