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OK Guys , lets stop cussing the T&T government for a minute....

OK Guys , lets stop cussing the government and think about it for a bit.
In a way , the T&T government has acknowledged the importance of pan.
Think about it.

They think water is important , so they created a corporation called WASA to manage water affairs.

Ditto electricity , with T&TEC , and the phone company, back when TELCO was the only game in town.

So , when you lose water , you cuss WASA , not the government. Same with electricity and T&TEC.

See where I'm going ?

Because obviously they think pan is important , so they created a corporation , gave them a budget , and hoped to hell they managed it without their interference.

Unfortunately , the corporation is a failure , and that's where we're at !

Now , what is to be done about it ?

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The government keep putting the people tax dollars in the hands of people who misrepresent steelband/pan for years. They have to shoulder the blame, they funded incompetent people.

Hmmmm! "What is to be done about it"? Well, first of all a minute is too long.

the government  will never put $$ into the hands of opposition

 pan trinbago has long been considered a pnm party  group


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