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Old Calypsoes Should Not Be Allowed For Panorama......Forward Ever Backward Never.

Why are old tunes allowed in Panorama? Season too short? Poor reason. Good for one good for all.
How will it look if Exodus win with Gold. I have nothing against Exodus but I think it is not fair for a band to play a tune that has been played before and successfully at that. What if next year Invaders play Woman on the Bass? Where will it end? Is it OK for a calypsonian to put new lyrics to Progress or Portrait of Trinidad and be selected for the Calypso Monarch Finals? Exodus sounded great but I think it is not right to go backwards. It might be just opening the flood gates to more old tunes in Panorama.
How fair is it for Composers of new Calypsoes? Should they just call it a day.

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Calvin! Point well taking but I for one think that you are all wet. I see nothing wrong in bands playing old songs/tunes, it's the arraingments that count. many of the old songs sound 100% better then the new ones. What a band plays should be up to the band members and if they are o'k with the decision, so be it. I would not care if a band played "Jean & Diana" a tune is a tune.Next you would want us to forget some of the pioneers who started the pan m

ovement. Where does it end?

Your points up to.. a tune is a tune.. is in keeping with many others earlier in these discussions The last suggestion about forgetting pioneers of the pan movement has no place in these discussions. Leave me out of it bro...

Where do your foolish remarks end??? Who would want anyone to forget the pioneers of the pan movement. Please let this be a healthy,intelligent discussion.

Squid yuh right, WHEN YUH DEAD. All we hearing these days is....Penguin.

I see nothing wrong with a band playing old calypsoes if they think that the current or "new" crop is not sufficiently challenging, tuneful or playable.  I do have a problem, however, if they play a tune they have already played.  In my mind that is not progress for the band or its players, regardless  of whether or not there are new players.

I don't see any reason why old Calypsos should not be allowed in Panorama, the calypsos of today is nothing,  by playing back the old ones, it bring back memories, In the next 10 years how many of us will remember these Songs that are being composed now a days The Old Calypsos will always be remembered, They are sweeter with better Chord structure..


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