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Old Calypsoes Should Not Be Allowed For Panorama......Forward Ever Backward Never.

Why are old tunes allowed in Panorama? Season too short? Poor reason. Good for one good for all.
How will it look if Exodus win with Gold. I have nothing against Exodus but I think it is not fair for a band to play a tune that has been played before and successfully at that. What if next year Invaders play Woman on the Bass? Where will it end? Is it OK for a calypsonian to put new lyrics to Progress or Portrait of Trinidad and be selected for the Calypso Monarch Finals? Exodus sounded great but I think it is not right to go backwards. It might be just opening the flood gates to more old tunes in Panorama.
How fair is it for Composers of new Calypsoes? Should they just call it a day.

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Only in Trinidad is great music allowed to die and be forgotten.So what if Exodus chose this masterpiece for the Rama??I think Pelham has started a trend which will be followed in the years to come. Hats off to Exodus. And for the Naysayers.... they WILL be winning this year!

Were you in Panorama?  the old tunes sounded sweeter than the new ones and the majority of the people enjoyed them. I haved missed one panorama in 50 years, most of the compositions in the last few years is for the birds.

To me I don't have a problem with it because some knew songs don't song right for pan.So if the old songs will make the pan side song sweet for panorama then let it be.Some songs too fast for the pans,it will make the tennapans sound jumble.Leave it alone it was never a problem before why make it one now.I'm just saying

That is a good honest posting!!! BRAVO!!!

The reverting to old tunes was brought on by the calypsonians themselves.Being involved for many decades, we got releases from the bards Sparrow and Kitchener as early as October when they or someone representing them would come to the panyard with a cassette and/or score of there releases,so you had time to learn some verses and chorus, sift through them and then the arranger would have had a good study of them to select his tune,however that changed when calypsonians started to hold back waiting for a much later release stating that they don't want to release too early as their tune will get stale and some new one will come after and become popular.

So the panmen had a problem when December reached and wanted to start rehearsal and releases were not forthcoming because they wanted to do it in January as it was a long season, so the idea came to play past tunes as bands wanted to begin their panorama practice and there was nothing.I think playing past tunes( I am not saying old tunes)will stay as many of the releases that composers are calling pansongs are utter rubbish.Some of them are even trying to sing their own tunes and are flat of sharp and do not have the voice for it. Mr. Traverso that statement about over 100 pan songs...Making a tune and calling it a pan song does not really make it one and about De Fosto being the new Kitch?It was a failed attempt by him to usurp the uniqueness of the master. His son Kernel tried,failed and found his niche composing for Montano.

I have no problem with the old songs. Their are not that much songs that come out each year for bands to really play if their where songs they wont be going with the old songs.

Not much arrangers can come up with money to compose their music. Heard one arranger say he produced a riddim but didn't have enough money pay pay some one to sing the song for it.


I agree with you.  It's time for them old tunes to go from Panorama. 

Trevor,then let them come up with new good ones for the 2014 season. Steelbands are not going to play jump, wave, hand in the air and moving to the left and right for panorama.The only time on the count of four finds a place in panorama is that most panorama tunes begin after a four count.

Please look into this  Pan Trinbago ,it is nothing new. people have been begging you to stop this.

 why are you allowing the bands to play songs of the past

if you can give us the lovers of the art an educated answer  we would love that...

Calypso and soca monarch or groovy or chutney those performers are not singing a song

that another sang years ago, the masman is not dusting off a Peter Minshall costume

and draging it on stage for King and Queen finals but yet still you are allowing  the pan

to go backwards. there are too many songs being written and recorded for them not to choose

something of the current year , writers arrangers and producers of these tracks are losing faith

year after year,  when the bands are registering every year for the competitions let them also pull a song from the hat

and see how good an arranger they are . and radio also have to help by playing the  tracks so people can get familiar

with them ...because i know that is one of the arguements "" We Don't Know That Tune""  so we not playing it..

But i don't know the King and Queen until i see them on  TV,  i won't know Machel Floating until i hear it on radio

so come on man''''help us , and change this format,,,Pan Trinbago.


 Exodus did not play Gold before. Their arranger Pelham Goddard arranged it for the now defunct "Third World" in 1977. If they (Exodus) did play it before for panorama that would have been against the rules and they would have been disqualified a long time ago. Now on to this old song issue. Its not a matter of the season too short (although the rule was made during a year when the season was short but it goes deeper than that). Have you heard the kind of popular soca songs being played on the radio?? The reason why Pantrinbago made this rule a few years ago for bands to play "any calypso as long as that calypso has never been played before by that said band" is because a lot of the songs being released for the past 8 years or so has very little melody, two chords if so much, they are very repetitious and steelbands cant really work with that. That decision gave rise to the so called "Pan tune", a song that is made specifically for pan (and ironically is never played on radio). The problem lies in the music being produced. Composers/soca artistes  need to be more mindful of the type of music they produce. This so called 'Groovey Soca' (which really isnt a new thing) is a step in the right direction.  By the the way, if you think Exodus is bad just look at the Single pan category!! "Old calypsos" are what  is keeping that category afloat!!

Why should I be constraint to the current year? If I as an arranger can’t find some music in the current offerings to play for panorama, I should have the option to play music from previous years. Correct me if I am wrong, but panorama is about music of a particular genre and the year in which it was produced should have nothing to do with it. If I as a young arranger would like to attempt to arrange Rebecca or Curry Tabanca which were way before my time and feel I can do a better job why limit me. One of the things that has suppressed panorama is the constraints placed on the arranger. He is not free to explore new ideas and innovations hence the stagnation in the panorama music. If every body is cooking curry from the same recipe the end result is they will all taste the same, so what you have is recycled music with a different melody. The individual who stated, “Is it OK for a calypsonian to put new lyrics to Progress or Portrait of Trinidad and be selected for the Calypso Monarch Finals” is not a fair comparison because panorama is not about lyrics it’s about the music. It’s all about interpretation and expressing oneself. So called pan tunes are not selected for their lyrics, rather they are selected for their musical 

Joshua your points are well taken . You have made some valid points. I am the one who made the points about Progress and Portrait of Trinidad and I am the one who objected to old tunes (sorry past tunes) in Panorama. My main objection is that Gold was played in the past and was a winning selection and a ruling should be in place to not allow winning compositions to be repeated. There are so many excellent past Calypsoes out there that omitting one that has already achieved success in winners row is not unfair. Believe me when I say there are few others that love, enjoy and continue to sing past calypsoes than I do and have done for over fifty years both home and abroad.I agree fully that there are quite a few "not up to mark" new pan tunes or tunes supposedly composed for pan but there are some great ones also. So I bend to a mixture of old and new tunes for Panorama but I guess in the end it is not up to you and me is it? But PLEASE no repeats of winning tunes.


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