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Living in old folks memory lane can't be a good thing for the future of pan in Trinidad and Tobago. If the main objective is to increase young people involvement in Panorama as both players and fans, this surely not the way to go. Maybe it's time for a "Groovy Panorama". A "Groovy Panorama" would eclipse the current panorama alignment within three years on all levels for sure. I think we forget that when we were younger, we listened to and played the music of our time - not the music of our grandparents. As this years song "Outta Box" says - kill the retro.


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Bugs,I am with you on this,People over 50 years must realise they had their say,So give the young people their say now.

And keep out of their way.If they could only get some people out Pan trinbago,Maybe thing will be much better.

Bugs, I'm in total agreement with you, they should out-law the retro for panorama, show some respect for those that took time and money to make these new tunes.

In 1970, if you had ask anyone which tune PanAm won with in 1963, most people would have told you "Dan is the Man".

On Ash Wednesday 2014, if you ask anyone, besides a pan aficionado, which tune Phase Two won the 2014 Panorama with, they wouldn't have a clue.

The problem is not "Old Tunes". The problem is lack of exposure of the so called "Pan Tunes". So the question might well be: "Did the so called Pan Tunes kill Panorama".

Absolutely Not! Z Rowe.... Just look at the New York and UK panorama music choices. This is about a certain type of mind-set, moreover its about who is in control.  In New York and UK the pan movement is driven by the energy of the young people.  That old people stuff will not cut it.


Bugs, Duvonne played an "Old Tune" and won in 2014 with Pan Elders "All Ah We Is One Family", did you listen to it and what did you think?

And Bugs, if you look at the video of the performance, is only young people playing the tune. Look and see for yourself!

Yea Bertel; but that tune was probably picked by management - who are all over 50. And now that they have won they will not change that formula.


I felt Duvone did a great job. He is a monster talent. However, I would have preferred he had worked on a new tune to preserve his legacy. No one is going to get any substantial ranking by reworking the past. What I notice is that the arrangers use new tunes with their main gig and use retro tunes with their side band.  Look at the record of  Duvone, Smooth, Philmore, Seion Gomez, Arrdin Herbert.


Bugs, that is NONSENSE talk!! Ah win is ah win is ah win in Panorama! I am an avid supporter of the "New Tunes", but Duvonne's "Old Tune" last year was BRILLIANT, and could compete with any, old or new. So let the local music play!!! I really enjoyed it and most of all I enjoyed seeing the youngsters (not that I am old) perform the tune. Panorama is an OPEN, local music competition. Let it remain so!

That is simply not true Bertel. Ah win is not ah win. You have to beat Smooth, Boogsie, Robert, Pelham, and Ray. And right now they are all hanging out in the large category. You think Andy Narel will arrange for a small band? 

And again Duvone is a monster talent. He will end up with the greats. But the reality is the large bands drive Panorama. Pan Trinbago loves money and will jump on anything that is working. Where is the small band DVD? Where is the medium band DVD? Where is the massive audience to see the small band panorama? Pan Trinbago tried separating the Medium from the Large bands panorama one year, Where was the audience?


Well then according to your logic, the only two he have to beat now is Boogsie and Smooth. So that should give his old tune last year some stripes! And Bugs, Narrel could arrange for whoever he wants to, Big or Small, he aint going nowhere! D music just dont fit in d Rama.

Ha ha - I not touching that Andy Narell thing - LOL...

Bertel if someone scores 100 points in college it is indeed impressive, but it is not the NBA.

As far as I know and Ian can check me on this - Edwin Pouchet is the only arranger to have ever won the Medium category and has gone on to win the Large category. It is not an easy thing to do. I do believe that Duvone will also accomplish this feat in the future.



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